Barbershop Quartet Day 2024 (US): Know about its History and Facts

Barbershop Quartet Day, celebrated on 11th April, celebrates the genre of music first recorded in late 1800s barbershops. Talented quartets compete nationally and internationally.

Barbershop Quartet Day 2024: The 11th of April is Barbershop Quartet Day, and we have all the necessary information to make this a festive occasion. As its name suggests, this genre of music was first recorded during the late 1800s, when men were waiting to have their hair trimmed. They occupied their time in the salon by singing and harmonizing tunes with the barbers and other patrons. Since its inception in traditional barbershops, barbershop music has grown in popularity and has been increasingly featured in films and on television. Talented male and female quartets continue to contend on a national and international level.

The History Of Barbershop Quartet Day

Blacks have a long history with barbershop music. While getting haircuts in the 1880s, Southern men mingled with barbers and others. For fun, they sang and harmonized. It became barbershop music, which flourished until the early 1900s. The 1910 recording of “Play That Barbershop Chord” symbolizes barbershop harmony. The harmony singing technique was meant to generate an a cappella sound without music. Every foursome performed songs with simple lyrics and catchy notes.

Barbershop music lost popularity after 1929, which worsened during the Great Depression. Rupert Hall and O.C. Cash invited fourteen people to a songfest in 1938 and urged them to invite others. On April 11, 25 men competed in a quartet singing competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their meetings and membership growth led to the founding of the Society for Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. and a barbershop music resurgence. Since 2004, the Barbershop Harmony Society has become their public name, thankfully.

A Tulsa woman founded Sweet Adelines International, an all-female group, in 1945, shortly after SPEBSQSA. Many Sweet Adelines women left in 1957 to support African American applicants. After this protest, five Rhode Island women founded Harmony, Incorporated in 1959. Heterogeneous males and females are allowed in the quartet, which competes globally.

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FAQs Regarding Barbershop Quartet Day

Which four voices comprise a barbershop quartet?

A barbershop quartet comprises the following four instruments in four-part harmony: the lead, tenor, bass, and baritone.

What does the term “barbecue chord” mean?

The seventh chord is the designation for the barbershop chord. The pitch of this major-minor chord is diminished relative to the mean.

What does it mean to be a female barbershop quartet?

Previously known as beauty shop quartets, the nomenclature “all-female barbershop quartets” is no longer applicable, given that both male and female barbershop groups utilize the same four vocals.

How to Celebrate Quartet Day At Barbershop

Observe barbershop music.

Should you be uninformed about barbershop music, we strongly advise you to acquaint yourself with its delightful melodies. You can search YouTube for “barbershop quartet” or for particular quartets, including American Quartet, After Hours, or Buffalo Bills.

Participate in a quartet

One way for those with the ability to sustain a note to demonstrate their musical prowess is to join a quartet. Determine the location of the closest chorus or organization in your area, or assemble three companions to form a quartet.

Attend a performance of barbershop music.

Barbershop quartet performances will probably be present in your vicinity, particularly to observe National Barbershop Quartet Day. Participate in a local performance to encounter something out of the ordinary.

Five facts that will shock you regarding Barbers and Barbershops

Ancestral origins

The discovery of razor relics and tomb paintings depicting barbers trimming hair throughout ancient Egypt indicate that barbering is an ancient profession.

Utilizing urine as a cleaning

Historically, barbers utilized a shampoo known as “lotion” which was formulated from expired urine.

In the field of barber surgery

In the Middle Ages, barbers were also responsible for performing dental work, treating wounds, and performing operations, among other responsibilities.

Evil depart.

The majority of barbers in ancient civilizations were clerics who trimmed, shaved, and styled hair in a way that prevented the possession of individuals by evil spirits.

The ominous barber pole

The barber pole is a remnant of a time when barbers were also surgeons and they would dry bloodied dressings by suspending them from the pole.

Why Barbershop Quartet Day Is Unique To Us

We become informed of its timeline.

Since the late 1880s, barbershop music has expanded from its origins in barbershops to its current use in film productions. Films and television programs that feature barbershop music include “The Music Man,” “Sing,” and “The Simpsons.”

Our barbershop amuses us.

The harmonious composition performed by a quartet consisting of four members captivates the audience. Because quartets perform familiar songs featuring distinct melodies, we can nod our heads in agreement.

We may participate in a conventional pastime.

Barbershop music originated during the 1880s when individuals gathered to listen to and report news, sing, and enjoy themselves. A subset of them even pursued jazz production. This day permits us to travel back in time and concentrate on the creation and appreciation of music as a whole.

Barbershop Quartet Day Dates

2024April 11Thursday
2025April 11Friday
2026April 11Saturday
2027April 11Sunday
2028April 11Tuesday

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