National Cherry Tart Day 2024 (US): History, Activities and FAQs

Celebrate National Cherry Tart Day on June 18 by enjoying exceptional cherry tarts, a favorite dessert derived from a tart with a meat filling.

National Cherry Tart Day 2024: Are you prepared to commemorate National Cherry Tart Day on June 18 by indulging in some of the most exceptional cherry tarts in your area? Indeed, it is now the appropriate time to repaint the city in cherry red. Allocate a few minutes of your day to honor the delectable cherry tart delicacy.

Cherry tarts are the preferred dessert among individuals who prefer fruit tarts to simple custard tarts. They are derived from a tart that once contained a meat filling. Therefore, prepare to satisfy your sweet appetite by grabbing your dessert forks.

National Cherry Tart Day: History

The annual National Cherry Festival, which is held in Michigan annually, is the source of National Cherry Tart Day. Michigan is the state that produces 75% of the U.S. cherry crop. The day was established and commemorated because cherries are delectable fruits with a brief development period. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the fruit has become a seasonal sensation in numerous regions of the nation.

Cherries were not indigenous to the United States until they were introduced to the land of promise by early French settlers in the 1600s, who cultivated cherry trees in their gardens. In 1852, a missionary named Peter Dougherty planted cherry trees in the Old Mission Peninsula, contributing to the evolution of the situation.

The notion of trees bearing produce was unfeasible at that time. However, to the surprise of all, the cherry crop thrived. After witnessing this, the residents in the vicinity also initiated the process of planting cherry trees. In addition, this resulted in the establishment of modern-day cherry production, and the first cherry plantations were established in Michigan in 1893.

The cherry business experienced rapid growth and achieved significant success in the 1900s. Currently, the United States produces more than 650 million pounds of cherries, the majority of which are utilized to create delectable delicacies.

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National Cherry Tart Day: FAQs

What are the various types of tarts?

Tarts are available in a variety of flavors, such as apple, raspberry, cherry, vanilla, and chocolate.

Is a tart considered a dessert?

Indeed. Tarts are baked desserts that are both sweet and savory, and they are intended to satiate a sweet tooth.

What is the definition of “tart”?

A tart is essentially a delicacy in the shape of a pie that is garnished with fruit, custard, chocolate, or other sweet ingredients.

National Cherry Tart Day: Activities

Consume the most exceptional cherry tart in the area.

Grab your friends and venture out to an eatery that offers the best cherry tarts in town! It may be possible to identify numerous establishments that serve exceptional pastries; however, the obstacle lies in selecting at least one to visit annually.

Organize a pastry competition

Organize a cherry tart pastry competition as a tribute to the culinary art of cherry tarts. The most significant aspect is that you will have the opportunity to sample a variety of tart recipes.

Conduct an all-you-can-eat competition

Arrange an all-you-can-eat cherry tart contest that is both enjoyable and chaotic. The hashtag for the day of the event is available for individuals in attendance to upload their photographs.

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5 Fun Facts About Tarts

The world’s largest tart

The tart that was the largest in the world weighed 4,800 lbs.

The most costly Christmas tart

The Rudolph the Ruby-Nosed Reindeer Tart is priced at $615.

Temperamental persons

Tarts and pies are both referred to as “tarte” in French.

A confection that is distinct

Tarte Tatin is a pastry that is served upside-down.

Meaty tarts

Meat fillings were a common feature of medieval pastries.

National Cherry Tart Day: Importance

It is a historical examination of tarts.

National Cherry Tart Day offers a glimpse into the history of tarts, the date of their creation, and the evolution of the recipe over time.

It furnishes educational information.

The day presents an excellent opportunity to disseminate information regarding the cherries that flourish in the United States and the importance of their ongoing care.

It motivates people to create

With so much talk about cherry tarts on this day, it is not a surprise that many Americans get inspired to create their unique rendition of the tart.

National Cherry Tart Day: Dates

2024June 18Tuesday
2025June 18Wednesday
2026June 18Thursday
2027June 18Friday
2028June 18Sunday

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