National Jesse Day 2024: Celebrating the Name and its Meaning

June 18 is National Jesse Day, honoring individuals named Jesse, a Hebrew name meaning "God's gift" and associated with notable figures like Eisenberg, Jackson, Owens, and James.

National Jesse Day 2024: June 18 is the annual celebration of National Jesse Day. Celebrating all individuals who were or are named Jesse is the purpose of this day. Jesse is a common androgynous name that in Hebrew signifies “God’s gift,” “God exists,” or “king.” It has been a favored choice among children since the 1880s and has been translated into numerous European languages.

However, this name is not related to Jessica, which is another popular choice. Except in a few uncommon cases, people spell it as Jessie and use it as a nickname. Notable individuals associated with the name Jesse include actor Jesse Eisenberg, clergyman and activist Reverend Jesse Jackson, athlete Jesse Owens, and renowned fugitive Jesse James. Celebrate this name today!

National Jesse Day: History

Jesse, or Isai, first appears in the “Hebrew Bible” in the “Old Testament”. King David’s father was Bethlehem’s shepherd farmer Jesse. It was the 203rd most common name for boys and 2558th for females in 2016. One in 989 boys and 26,560 girls in 2021 were named Jesse.

One of America’s most notorious outlaws was Jesse James. James, along with Butch Cassidy and Cole Younger, represented the Wild West, a time of high-stakes train robberies, spectacular shootouts, and faded “wanted” posters. James, from Little Dixie, Western Missouri, was a Confederate guerilla during his teens. He developed a taste for violence and bloodshed from this.

He was accused of war crimes and atrocities against Union soldiers and civilians while serving. His warfighting skills helped him in the criminal underworld after the battle. He formed the James-Younger gang with the Younger siblings to commit bank and train robberies and live off their profits. After being shot and killed in 1882, he appeared in many plays, movies, and TV shows.

This name is shared by famous actor Jesse Eisenberg. Mark Zuckerberg’s acting in “The Social Network” (2010) humanized Facebook’s underdog CEO. “Zombieland: Double Tap” (2019) and “Zombieland” (2009) showcased his abilities to play tragic and comedic roles. He regrets his role as Lex Luthor in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016), despite his acting talent. His performance was lambasted by critics and audiences, who awarded him the Golden Raspberry for Worst Supporting Actor.

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National Jesse Day: FAQs

Do you know the meaning of the name Jesse?

Jesse is a Hebrew name that translates to “king” or “God’s gift.”

May I inquire as to whether Jesse is a feminine name?

A name that is androgynous is Jesse.

For what is Jesse abbreviated?

Jesse is a given name, but females may also shorten it to Jessica.

National Jesse Day: Activities

View a film

It seems almost immoral to commemorate this day without viewing the ever-popular bumbling Jesse. Additionally, be sure to investigate the spin-off, “El Camino.”

Consider purchasing wall art that is themed.

Utilize your imaginative side by purchasing wall art that is inspired by Jesse. It may be a colorful poster, graffiti-style paint, or metal lettering.

Jesse James is the subject of this article.

James, from an era that has been largely forgotten, embodied the quintessential American renegade. Discover his extraordinary exploits as a criminal and robber.

Five Facts About Jesses

A preacher’s offspring

Robert James, a Baptist minister, was the father of the notorious fugitive, Jesse James. This is rather ironic.

Genuine fraternity member

In college, Jesse Ownes was a member of the esteemed black fraternity, Alpha Pi Alpha.

A remarkable deal

Before becoming a clergyman, Jesse Jackson was offered a position as a player for the Chicago White Sox, a renowned American baseball team.

The flute is a favorite instrument of Jesse

Mitchell, the character portrayed by actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson in “Modern Family,” also performed the flute in a 2007 stage production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The existence of Facebook was unknown to Jesse.

Jesse Eisenberg had reportedly never even seen a Facebook page before filming “The Social Network” (2010)..

National Jesse Day: Importance

It is gender-neutral.

A name such as Jesse is capable of functioning in both directions. No matter whether you identify as male or female or other, it is irrelevant. It is so adaptable that it remains well-suited.

It is once again on the rise.

Following a period of obscurity, the appellation is currently experiencing a significant resurgence. The name Jesse is gaining popularity among parents. Possibly Hollywood’s influence is to blame.


How Jesse achieves this equilibrium between informal and formal is unknown to us. It appears to connote both a given name and a pseudonym simultaneously.

National Jesse Day: Dates

2024June 18Tuesday
2025June 18Wednesday
2026June 18Thursday
2027June 18Friday
2028June 18Sunday

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