National Joseph Day 2024: Five Intriguing Joseph Facts and FAQs

National Joseph Day, celebrated annually on April 16, honors the Old Testament name Joseph, derived from a story of a devoted boy.

National Joseph Day 2024: Every year, on April 16, National Joseph Day is observed. It values the Old Testament name Joseph, which originates from a biblical account of a young boy who had eleven envious siblings and two devoted parents. Joseph is a traditional and powerful name with biblical origins.

The name Josephs Worldwide even implies that it is a boon to us, much like that story. Prevalent in English-speaking, French-speaking, and German-speaking regions, this Hebrew name translates to “to add or increase.” Today is an ideal occasion to express gratitude for their presence in your life, regardless of what name you give them—Joe, Joey, Youssef, Josephine, or anything else.

National Joseph Day: History

Josephs worldwide are honored. This name’s prominence is deserved due to its long history. The “Bible,” a revered and inspiring source, first recorded this phenomenon.

This name, or its Anglicized equivalent in Hebrew, Yossef, is first mentioned in “Genesis.” Ironically, his parents prayed for another son and picked this name. The couple needed another child, and he helped. In Hebrew, “Yossef” means “to add” or “Jehovah will add.”

Jacob’s eleventh son, Youssef, was born before Rachel. Though his siblings hated him, his parents and God loved him. He was identifiable by his multicolored coat until his siblings sold him into slavery. He began his distinguished career as Egypt’s second-most powerful man after Pharaoh.

The New Testament mentions two more Josephs. Joseph of Arimathea, who helped bury Jesus and reputedly brought the Holy Grail to England, was the first. Jesus’ biological father and Mary’s husband, the carpenter, was second. Despite millennials, Joseph remains in the top 30, 10, and five names in America. Many historical public officials and people have been given this fearsome title.

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National Joseph Day: FAQs

Is National Joe’s Day and National Joseph’s Day identical?

While National Joe’s Day and National Joseph’s Day are quite similar, they are entirely distinct holidays. The previous pertains to individuals with the name Joe, whereas the latter is specific to Josephs, Joseph variations, and short forms around the globe.

How might a woman be described as Gabriel?

A multitude of linguistic and gender-specific variations comprise the name Joseph. There exist numerous potential variations on the given name Joseph that parents may consider when selecting a name for their daughter. Indeed, a minority of parents may opt to maintain the name in its current form. Josephine and Josepha are the most prevalent feminine iterations of Jesus.

Joseph is the Spanish word for what?

José, Pepe, Chepe, Cheo, and Chelo are some illustrative examples.

National Joseph Day: Activities

Discover more concerning the initial Josephs.

The earliest references to the name Joseph can be found in the biblical Josephs. Educate yourself on their lives and narratives as a way to honor them today. Commence your exploration of the Josephs of the New Testament by descending from Youssef, the inaugural Joseph, in the Old Testament.

Master the terms

One would surely adore a name that engenders an assortment of captivating and enjoyable monikers. Two names that come to mind are Joe and Joey. Despite this, you still have the opportunity to learn an additional few potential aliases today. We are certain that you will discover something fascinating during this holiday, as the various variants of the name are also accompanied by nicknames.

Explore well-known individuals.

The prevalence of the name Joseph has been established. It continues to be regarded as one of the most esteemed given names, despite its decreased prevalence in contemporary society. Educate yourself on a considerable number of the notable individuals and public figures who currently share this surname.

National Joseph Day: Five Facts

Both are present.

Joseph and Robert were the only names that remained in the top ten ranking of boys’ names in the United States between 1925 and 1972.

Options abound.

Language variations include the Italian form ‘Giuseppe’, and gender variations include the feminine form ‘Josephine’. The name Joseph has hundreds of variants.

Uphold the summit

Joseph remained at position 26 as of 2020, despite a decline in prominence since 1991.

Data from the census

Joseph is a surname that appears in more than 290,000 census documents.

Armed forces documentation

Joseph is the surname that appears in more than 90,000 military records.

National Joseph Day: Importance

An uplifting narrative commences.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, the progenitor of all Josephs whose lives are familiar to us today was born. It is impossible to surpass our wildest aspirations; this is demonstrated by the incredibly motivational story of Joseph. By recounting this inspiring story, this holiday enables us to trace the origins of the name Joseph.

This holds significant importance.

Without a day dedicated to honoring all the Josephs in the world would be an injustice. It suffices to consider the significance of this holiday by considering the name’s widespread recognition.

Cross-country travel is involved.

Because of its gender, linguistic, and traditional variations, Joseph is an excellent name. This day is observed all over the world on behalf of individuals bearing the name Joseph or a variant thereof. Observing this festival is therefore not restricted by gender or geographic location.

National Joseph Day: Dates

2024April 16Tuesday
2025April 16Wednesday
2026April 16Thursday
2027April 16Friday
2028April 16Sunday

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