Get Saucy on National Tartar Sauce Day 2024 (US): Uncover the History, FAQs, and Five Fascinating Facts!

The day acknowledges the significance of tartar sauce in adding zest to fish and seafood dishes, making it a staple in many homes after the Lenten season.

National Tartar Sauce Day 2024 (US): This year’s National Tartar Sauce Day falls on February 16, marking the Friday following Lent. The celebration aims to raise awareness of the delectable sauce that enhances the flavor of various dishes, particularly during the period when meat is restricted and seafood becomes a culinary focus.

The day acknowledges the significance of tartar sauce in adding zest to fish and seafood dishes, making it a staple in many homes after the Lenten season.

National Tartar Sauce Day History:

The origin of tartar sauce is uncertain, with claims of its existence dating back to the Roman Empire and others attributing it to French culinary roots. Known as “sauce tartare” in French, it is spelled “tartare sauce” in certain regions of Europe, South Africa, and Australia. The sauce typically comprises mayonnaise, pickles, capers, herbs, and, in some variations, hard-boiled eggs or lemon juice.

In the 1920s, commercial versions of tartar sauce became available, making it easily accessible in grocery stores. In 2017, Dave Frisch established National Tartar Sauce Day at Frisch’s Big Boy, a restaurant he founded in Cincinnati in 1923. The Big Boy sandwich gained popularity in the 1960s, thanks to Dave’s homemade tartar sauce becoming a signature addition. Stores eventually started selling it.

The celebration aligns with Lent, a season of fasting when fish becomes a prominent food item. Tartar sauce complements fish and seafood dishes, providing a creamy and zesty flavor. The day serves as a recognition of the sauce’s contribution to the culinary arts during a period of increased demand.

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FAQs for National Tartar Sauce Day:

  • Tartar sauce from the store should be refrigerated as per the label recommendations. Homemade tartar sauce is best consumed within two weeks if refrigerated.
  • A suitable substitute for tartar sauce is nonfat sour cream.
  • Tartar sauce pairs well with chips, roasted vegetables, and pita bread and can be enjoyed with fried or crunchy vegetables.

Ideas for marking National Tartar Sauce Day:

1. Make your tartar sauce.

Create your own version of tartar sauce to pair with your favorite seafood. Consider hosting a tartar sauce competition with friends and family.

2. Consume seafood.

Order takeout or dine out to sample the excellent tartar sauces offered at restaurants.

3. Hold a competition to prepare sauces:

Organize a tartar sauce competition where participants create and submit their unique variations of the sauce.

Five Interesting Facts About Tartar Sauce:

1. Calorie content:

Two teaspoons of tartar sauce contain 59 calories.

2. Weight gain impact:

Tartar sauce is known for its higher fat content.

3. Elevated levels of vitamin K:

The sauce contributes to strengthening bones through its vitamin K content.

4. Heart health benefits:

Vitamin K in tartar sauce is beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

5. Life of the Sauce:

Refrigerated tartar sauce remains fresh for up to two months after opening.

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Reasons We Cherish National Tartar Sauce Day 2024 (US):

1. Adoration for seafood:

Despite its non-French origins, National Tartar Sauce Day reflects a love for various fish species and their aquatic companions.

2. Seafood versatility:

Tartar sauce enhances the appeal of any seafood dish, offering a delightful combination of flavor, creaminess, and mild acidity.

3. Boost in tartar sauce sales:

The celebration contributes to increased sales for various tartar sauce brands, benefiting both established brands and small businesses.


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