SNAP Recertification Deadline: Weekend Applications Accepted

SNAP recertification applications must be submitted by the 15th day of the final month of the certification period to be considered punctual by the county.

SNAP Recertification Deadline: If an application for SNAP recertification is not finalized by the conclusion of the final month of the certification period, it is deemed to be delayed. An application for recertification should be considered punctual by the county if it is submitted before the 15th day of the final month of the certification period.

The county will deny the application at the end of the period if a household submits an application before the end of the certification period but the recertification process cannot be completed within the final month due to a client-caused delay.

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Then, what transpires?

This is true regardless of whether the recertification application was submitted in a timely manner or not. The household has a maximum of 30 days to complete the recertification procedure after the county denies the application at the conclusion of the certification period.

The county will withdraw the denial and provide prorated benefits retroactive to the date the client took the required action and completed the recertification procedure if the household takes the required action within 30 days after the end of the certification period.

In order to deny an application for failure to submit requested verification within 10 days of the written request, counties must satisfy a number of criteria, even if 30 days have not elapsed since the application date.

All applicants who are not interviewed on the day of their application must be scheduled for an interview by the county. If the household fails to attend the initial scheduled interview, the county is prohibited from rejecting the application before the 30th day.

The household must be provided with a minimum of 10 days to submit any missing information. The denial notice must specify the reason for the denial and indicate that the application will be reopened if the necessary verification is received within 30 days of the application date. Benefits will be provided from the date of the application.

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