Texas SNAP Payment Schedule: Find out who is next in line to receive food stamps this week

The Texas SNAP Payment Schedule provides monthly assistance to 3.4 million Texans, with recipients eagerly awaiting the accessibility of their funds.

Texas SNAP Payment Schedule: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides monthly assistance to 3.4 million Texans, many of whom are anxious to determine the date on which their funds will be accessible. The payment details for this week can be accessed by recipients by visiting this link.

Texas normally approves SNAP applications in 30 days. SNAP benefits cover fresh vegetables, proteins, and dairy. Petroleum, cigarettes, and alcohol are exempt. Texas distributes SNAP benefits staggered from the first to the 28th of each month. To ensure orderly and efficient benefit distribution, each household’s beneficiary’s Eligibility Determination Group (EDG) number is used.

The date of payment will be contingent upon the last two digits of the EDG number. The funds will be distributed to beneficiaries with the numbers 58-81 this week in accordance with the table below:

  • 58-60: June 17
  • 61-64: June 18
  • 65-67: June 19
  • 68-71: June 20
  • 72-74: June 21
  • 75-78: June 22
  • 79-81: June 23

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In Texas, How an I verify my SNAP benefits?

The most effective method of monitoring the current status of SNAP benefits in Texas is to maintain an eye on the Texas Health and Human Services website. This website provides a wealth of information on how to apply for SNAP benefits and provides updates on the timeline for changes.

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