5 Tips to Enhance Video on Mobile Phones and Take it to the Next Level

The majority of digital memories on a phone's library, containing nearly 18,000 digital memories, are used to capture photographs and videos as mementos.

5 Tips to Enhance Video on Mobile Phones: Numerous individuals utilize their devices to capture photographs and videos as mementos. It comes as no surprise that the library on my phone, which contains nearly 18,000 of my digital memories, occupies the majority of the storage space on my device.

With the increasing power of our portable cameras, their versatility and quality started to compete with, if not surpass, those of the handheld cameras we previously carried. Smartphone video cameras are virtually infallible and user-friendly; however, there are a few considerations to bear in mind during filming to ensure consistently remarkable outcomes.

5 Tips to Enhance Video on Mobile Phones

Rather than filming vertically, film horizontally.

Undoubtedly, this subject is extremely controversial. In support of my position, consider the geometry of the television screen. Vision on a computer screen? What about the movie theater screen? In a horizontal orientation.

Additionally, horizontal video provides more space for simultaneously fitting everything and everyone in the frame.

Ensure that adequate lighting is present.

Optimal illumination is critical for producing high-quality videos, and achieving it correctly is considerably simpler than you might expect.

Simply put, you want the light to illuminate the subject of your film. Consider lighting your video by having the subject face a window, employing a small light, or utilizing the strobe function on your smartphone.

Avoid using the phone’s zoom function.

Numerous smartphone rear-mounted optics are each capable of capturing an image at a distinct depth. While this is practical, the image leaps when the phone switches between lenses while filming. Consider employing a bodily zoom technique, wherein you physically approach the subject matter of the film.

Launch a third-party application.

Alternative video applications may offer features comparable to those found on portable cameras, including the ability to modify the white balance, focus, and exposure. Additionally, some have an exceptionally smooth magnification function that exceeds the digital zoom of your smartphone.

Prevent your finger from destroying the photo!

Verify the corners to see if our fingertips are not sneaking up on the videos we’re filming, as they have a propensity to photobomb occasionally.

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