Foursquare Day 2024 (U.S.): Know About its History and Fascinating Facts

Foursquare Day 2024, celebrated on April 16, commemorates the inception of the popular geolocation app Foursquare, celebrated in over 100 cities worldwide for its simplified location sharing.

Foursquare Day 2024: April 16 is observed as Foursquare Day, the anniversary of the inception of the widely used geolocation application Foursquare. Possibly one of the most extraordinary occasions in your life has arrived. The concept that inspired the development of this holiday is also unique. Four squared by four (16) equals April 16, or 4/16.

As a result, this day came into existence. Presently, this day is eagerly observed in more than one hundred cities across the globe. We are ecstatic to commemorate this application that simplifies the process of sharing our location and determining the location of our friends.

Foursquare Day: History

Foursquare Day, commonly referred to as “4sqDay,” originated in the city of Tampa, Florida. Nathan Bonilla-Warford conceived of the nomenclature for this particular day. Additionally, as an optometrist, Warford is an enthusiast of days and numerals. On the online community portal “Get Satisfaction,” he conceived the notion of observing a holiday on April 16 (4×4 = 16). He subsequently elaborated on it in one of his journals. However, pause! He proceeded further. On March 22, 2009, he engaged in a conversation with prominent project manager Jessica Barnett regarding Foursquare Day. Barnett assisted him in the promotion of his concept. Twitter was where Foursquare issued an official statement on March 26 regarding the observance of this day.

A collective of Foursquare users hailing from Tampa collaborated with Warford in planning an event aimed at popularizing and disseminating information regarding this particular holiday. The application received 550,000 check-ins and 20,000 registrations from new users during its inaugural holiday. Presently, this holiday is commemorated in various locations and ways. Interested individuals, in addition to frequent check-ins, organize gatherings and lectures.

The Foursquare Day team utilized a map adorned with insignia to monitor all festivities for some time. The team, however, was unable to keep up with the holiday’s exponential growth in prominence and was forced to remove the icons. For a variety of events, Foursquare distributes swag bundles containing items such as buttons, shirts, stickers, and more to motivate attendees and promote their company. The team refrains from any involvement in the event planning process. They provide community members with the autonomy to organize events and gatherings according to their tastes and availability.

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Foursquare Day 2024: FAQs

What is Foursquare’s operation?
Foursquare is an application for local discovery and search that allows your contacts to locate you and vice versa. It also provides access to data regarding regional developments, enterprises, and trends. Furthermore, the platform can be utilized to promote your business.

Does Foursquare remain well-liked?
Certainly, the number of its users exceeds 50 million. Foursquare, which suggests locations for check-ins, and Swarm, a location-based city guide and life-logging application, are the two current divisions of the application.

Am I required to pay to use Foursquare?
Foursquare is a free social networking site, similar to the majority of others.

Foursquare Day 2024: Activities

Construct the app
If you are not among the more than 50 million Foursquare users, it may be time to give the application a try. The application is downloadable from both the App Store and Google Play.

Attend a gathering or Foursquare event.
A multitude of gatherings and festivities are planned in observance of Foursquare Day. By attending, you may run into intriguing and novel individuals.

Distribute the hashtag
One may utilize social media platforms as a means to inform individuals about the application. Social media posts containing the hashtag ‘#4sqDay’ have been a persistent trend for quite some time.

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Five Fascinating Facts About Four Square Day:

That moniker was associated with a website.
Are you aware that a website with the domain name “” exists?

It is more akin to a game.
Foursquare is a gamified social networking site in contrast to others; users must engage in competition to connect and discover the locations of one another.

It is more prevalent among males.
Studies indicate that males comprise a greater proportion of the app’s user base.

It is cherished by developers.
More than 125,000 developers worldwide utilize location-based data from Foursquare.

It offers enjoyable rewards.
Foursquare issues Mayor badges and titles to users who complete the most check-ins in thirty days, which is both humorous and practical.

Foursquare Day: Dates

2024April 16Tuesday
2025April 16Wednesday
2026April 16Thursday
2027April 16Friday
2028April 16Sunday

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