International Tea Day 2024: Five Interesting Facts and Activities

International Tea Day, celebrated on May 21, honors tea enthusiasts, promotes sustainable practices, and highlights its role in combating hunger and poverty.

International Tea Day 2024: International Tea Day is observed on May 21 each year. Tea enthusiasts come together on this day to honor their preferred beverage. Additionally, International Tea Day encourages sustainable practices in tea production and consumption. Additionally, we can discover the significance of tea in the fight against hunger and poverty on this day.

Tea may be the most popular beverage among millions of people around the globe. Individuals consume 25,000 cups of tea every second, for a daily total of over two billion cups of tea. Consult our guide to gifts for tea aficionados if you wish to commemorate grandly.

International Tea Day: History

Tea-producing nations convened in 2005 to observe International Tea Day. Uganda, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Kenya, and Malaysia comprised these nations. The Intergovernmental Group on Tea designated May 21 as International Tea Day in 2019. The United Nations authorized the festivities to take place on December 21, 2019. On May 21, 2020, the first official United Nations International Tea Day was observed.

Projections indicate that the number of tea consumers will increase in tandem with the growth of the growth of the global population. Tea is exceedingly well-liked throughout India and China. India and China are home to a significant proportion of tea aficionados, given that they collectively accommodate 37% of the global population. As the legend goes, Chinese Emperor Shen Hung discovered tea by blowing leaves from a tree into a kettle of boiling water. Since his adoration of the heated liquid, no one has looked back.

Tea consumption provides numerous health benefits in addition to its pleasant flavor. Antioxidants found in tea reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, promote weight loss, safeguard the bones and teeth, strengthen the immune system, assist in the fight against cancer, alleviate digestive distress, and induce relaxation. Additionally, those who consume tea on a regular basis have a reduced risk of premature death. Tea is typically consumed by regular consumers three times per week. It appears that green tea offers more health advantages than black tea.

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International Tea Day: FAQs

Is tea nutritious?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that a variety of teas may prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, strengthen the immune system, and combat inflammation.

What is the healthier option, tea or coffee?

While coffee does offer certain benefits, tea emerges victorious in the battle of antioxidants. Although antioxidants are more frequently linked to green tea, white tea actually contains a greater quantity. Similarly to white tea, coffee contains antioxidants, albeit in a significantly reduced concentration.

Which brew is the healthiest?

Constantly, green tea is hailed as the healthiest variety. It is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols, which promote cognitive and cardiovascular health. Green tea is regarded as one of the most minimally processed authentic teas due to its resistance to oxidation.

International Tea Day: Activities

Consume tea

Consuming tea is the most obvious and ideal method to observe International Tea Day. Prepare and consume your preferred varieties throughout the day. Complement your dishes with a tall glass of tea.

Investigate various varieties

While we all have our preferred tea varieties, on International Tea Day, why not try something new? Matcha teas, herbal teas, and floral teas are among the many varieties available.

Establish a formal tea service

Establish a formal tea ceremony in observance of International Tea Day. Guests are welcome to attend a modest tea-tasting party as well. Remind yourself to restock sandwiches, pastries, and scones!

Five Interesting Facts about Tea

A multitude of tea varieties exist.

Tea exists in as many as 3,000 different varieties.

Tea contains peculiar additives.

Certain varieties of tea contain substances such as sawdust, branches, and sheep manure.

The beverage tea has diuretic properties.

This indicates that tea induces urination.

The timing is vital.

Steeping the ideal cup of black tea requires three to five minutes.

The advent of ceramic teapots in Europe

The introduction of ceramic teapots to Europe occurred during the 16th century.

International Tea Day: Importance

It is the preferred beverage around the globe.

People consume over two billion glasses of tea every day. We commemorate International Tea Day to recognize the most popular beverage in the world.

A versatile beverage

Tea, like any other beverage, is an extremely diverse beverage. It can be consumed with or without milk, and it is offered in an assortment of flavors. Because of its extraordinary variety, it is such a popular beverage.

Beneficial to health

In addition to being tasty, tea provides numerous health benefits. Additionally, International Tea Day is observed to bring attention to the beverage and the reasons why more individuals should consume it.

International Tea Day: Dates

2024May 21Tuesday
2025May 21Wednesday
2026May 21Thursday
2027May 21Friday
2028May 21Sunday

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