Jackson Duggar Biography: Early Life, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, and Relationship

Jackson Duggar, born in 2004, is a reality sensation known for his family television series "17 Kids and Counting" and four specials focusing on his family's lifestyle.

Jackson Duggar Biography: Reality sensation and media personality Jackson Levi Duggar, who was born on May 23, 2004, is widely recognized for his family television series “17 Kids and Counting.” Before that, he had appeared in four additional television specials, all of which focused on his family and their way of life.

However, his parents had documented his birth, which also introduced him to the public eye, so this was not his first interaction with the media. Duggar premiered “17 Kids and Counting” when he was four years old, but the show was canceled when he turned ten. This did not deter his family, as “Counting on” premiered shortly thereafter. While he did appear on occasion, it was not as frequent as the initial one. We are ecstatic to be celebrating him today.

Early Life of Jackson Duggar

Based on his current performance, Jackson Duggar is poised to attain greater and more notable accomplishments in his capacity as a media personality and entertainer. Duggar entered the world on May 23, 2004, to Michelle Ruark and Jim Bob Duggar, his parents.

They observed his fifteenth birthday at the Washington Regional Medical Center, where he was born. Even more astonishing is that they wanted four others to follow him. Their first infant being featured on national television was fortunate. The Discovery Health Channel special entitled “14 Children and Pregnant Again” highlighted his life story.

Duggar’s household, like all others with children, entailed certain domestic duties. Although his parents assigned him chores, they referred to them as “jurisdictions.” As he aged, his jurisdiction transformed over time. His parents had devised a system in which a younger child would be paired with an older child to provide care for the latter.

Such care included dressing, bathing, and nourishing one another. The parents had transitioned from a pair to teams commanded by their eldest daughters by 2009. As there were four of them, four teams were formed. The members of Duggar’s team were Josie, Jana, and Jason.

He also grew up in a household where homeschooling was the norm. He started his acting career at a young age. “17 Kids and Counting” was released in 2008, and he made sporadic appearances on the 2015 premiere of “Counting On” and K1 Discovery, both of which happened within a year of his birth in 2005. Additionally, his family produced several films and television documentaries that chronicled their way of life.

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Jackson Duggar Biography

Full Name: Jackson Levi Duggar

Birth date: May 23, 2004

Age: 19

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′ 8.1″

Relationship Status: Single

Net Worth: $1.5 million

Before Fame

In the episode entitled 14 Children and Pregnant Again, he was born.


His preferred episode of the program, according to him, was “Duggars Go Hollywood.”

Family Life

Despite being the youngest son in his family, he shares four junior sisters by the names of Josie, Johannah, Jennifer, and Jordyn-Grace.

Associated With

King and Queen and Mom and Dad are games he and his sibling Johannah Duggar enjoy playing.

Net Worth

It is estimated that Jackson Duggar has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

Five Amazing Facts about Jackson Duggar

He enjoys literature.

He has candidly stated that reading is his preferred pastime.

Desires to work as a firefighter

His ultimate ambition is to pursue a career as a firefighter or rancher as an adult.

His hair is pulled backward.

Duggar has stated that he finds it more aesthetically pleasing to have his hair pulled back.

Every individual was required to wear a dress code.

He and his siblings were subject to dress regulations during their childhood.

His preferred meal

Refried beans and Salvadoran tortillas are his preferred dish.

FAQs for Jackson Duggar

Who is Duggar’s third boy?


What took place with Jackson Duggar?

As documented in one of the television specials, Duggar and his family relocated to a new residence in Springdale, Arkansas, in 2006.

Are the Bates comparable to the Duggars?

The Duggar children and the Bates children remain close. Since their childhood encounters, the two individuals have provided mutual support during their matrimonial journeys and the delivery of their children. They exchange visits regularly.


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