National Ranch Water Day 2024 (US): 5 Fascinating Facts about Cocktails

National Ranch Water Day celebrates the development of the thin margarita in Texas, a palatable, calorie-free, and cooling beverage created by RANCH2O Spirits.

National Ranch Water Day 2024: National Ranch Water Day is observed to commemorate the development of the thin margarita in Texas. An additional designation as the “Unofficial Cocktail of West Texas,” this concoction consists of tequila, citrus, and carbonated water. Curious as to why the residents of Texas enjoy this beverage so much?

The reason for this is that Ranch Water is palatable, calorie-free, and aids in cooling off. Even from the comfort of your own home, this concoction by RANCH2O Spirits gives the impression that you are at a nightclub. What are your expectations? Be sure to consume it.

The Background of National Ranch Water Day

Why is Ranch Water deserving of a special occasion? Those who have ever sampled this delectable alcoholic beverage will understand precisely what we mean. The components of the Ranch Water cocktail are tequila, sparkling mineral water, and citrus. The mineral water utilized in the beverage, however, is a Mexican brand called Topo Chico effervescent water.

Due to the use of regional ingredients, Ranch Water is a beverage unique to Mexico and one of the most well-liked beverages in the region. We assure you that your visit to Mexico is incomplete without sampling the cocktail.

Similar to any other libation, Ranch Water originated as an experimental concoction. Kevin Williamson, the well-known owner of Ranch 616, created the beverage in Austin about fifteen years ago. In the beginning, he supplemented his margarita with mineral water while continuing to consume it. As he grew more appreciative of the flavor, however, he considered incorporating additional components, including a dash of orange cordial and fresh lime juice, and voilĂ ! Ranch Water, the signature cocktail of Texas, was created.

Nonetheless, Rancho Spirits did not establish National Ranch Water Day until February 2021. The brand devised the notion of a designated day to commemorate the exceptional beverage and advertise the company’s mass-produced, tinned rendition of the cocktail.

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FAQs for National Ranch Water Day

What gives it the name Ranch Water?

The nomenclature is purportedly in remembrance of the ranchers who established the Don Celso Distillery.

Which flavor is the Ranch Water original?

The initial formulation of Ranch Water hard seltzer consists of citrus and agave nectar flavors.

What has Ranch Water become?

Recently, Topo Chico introduced a new Ranch Water infused with citrus juice.

Activities on National Ranch Water Day 2024

Proceed to Ranch Water

To commemorate the occasion, gather some friends for a round of Ranch Water. You simply need to visit various establishments to enjoy a different ambiance with each drink order.

Discover the history

Ranch Water, like every other beverage on the menu, possesses a lengthy history. Become well-informed about the drink’s creation by reading everything you can or, even better, by watching a documentary about its history.

Ranch Water hosting an imbibing competition

Commemorate the day by observing the founding of Ranch Water. Motivate the participant of a Ranch Water consumption competition to consume the most cans within ten minutes with an award.

Five Fascinating Facts about Cocktails

Valuation of Ranch Water

They will reach $4.1 billion by 2020.

A 2013 world record

Sheldon Wiley consumed one minute preparing eighteen beverages.

Consumed Margaritas in the U.S.

Each hour, 185,000 margaritas are consumed.

The cocktail of the Commonwealth

In recognition of the 71 countries, it comprises 71 constituents.

The most elevated cocktail lounge

Located on the 118th floor of the ICC Tower in Hong Kong,.

National Ranch Water Day Dates

2024April 11Thursday
2025April 11Friday
2026April 11Saturday
2027April 11Sunday
2028April 11Tuesday

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