National Underground America Day 2024 (US): Explore its Amusing Facts and History

National Underground America Day 2024 celebrates the existence of underground societies, highlighting the diverse and diverse environments beneath the surface.

National Underground America Day 2024 (US): National Underground America Day, observed on May 14, is a celebration of the viability of societies that exist underground. Yes, it is not sufficient to merely inhabit the surface of the earth; a great deal more occurs beneath the surface than one might expect. Everything you need to know to observe National Underground America Day is provided below.

History of National Underground America Day

Malcolm Wells established National Subterranean America Day in 1974, which brought widespread national attention to the pre-existing concept of subterranean living. Wells spent years as an architect, author, lecturer, and thought leader in the architecture and design industry. He eventually realized that eliminating industrial facilities was the only way for the planet to flourish.  Subsequently, he embarked on an endeavor to raise consciousness regarding the manifold advantages of subterranean existence. He endeavored to establish a subterranean dwelling and an office space that functioned as an earth shelter.

Malcolm Wells, who was also regarded as the “father of modern earth-sheltered architecture” at the time of his death, advocated underground dwellings. However, we continue to endure his legacy to this day, and we annually observe National Underground America Day to honor the tens of thousands of individuals who live underground in various regions of North America.

Indeed, many individuals would rather reside underground than on the surface. This is because it provides numerous benefits for both human existence and the health of the planet. Wells characterizes the construction of residences beneath the Earth’s surface as “gentle architecture” due to its negligible ecological footprint.

National Underground America Day is an occasion to honor the architecture, way of life, and manifold environmental benefits of subterranean existence. Thousands of people worldwide are currently residing underground; however, this practice may become more widespread shortly.

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FAQs for National Underground America Day

What is the meaning of subterranean living?

It refers to a subterranean existence.

Is underground dwelling safe?

Yes. Additionally, it provides ideal protection against natural disasters.

Can underground communities be constructed?

Yes. Given that an appropriate strategy and framework are established.

Five amusing facts about underground living

  1. The cost of underground dwellings is 20–30% higher.
  2. 21.5 million individuals reside in subterranean sanctuaries in China.
  3. A South Korean residence features a subterranean meditation area.
  4. 48 hours of slumber is possible for humans in caves devoid of natural light.
  5. Subterranean dwellings are hermetic.

Dates of National Underground America Day

2024May 14Tuesday
2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday
2028May 14Sunday

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