National Ya Dig Day 2024 (US): Discover its Surprising History, Dates and Facts

National Ya Dig Day 2024 commemorates Shauncy Lanier Davis, an inspirational figure, and encourages self-development and individual progress, inspiring individuals to join support groups and engage in community activities.

National Ya Dig Day 2024 (US): National YA DIG Day occurs annually on May 12. Are you able to understand it? Founded to commemorate the life of Shauncy Lanier Davis, an inspirational figure, this day is an expression of appreciation for life, self-development, and individual progress. Although its inception occurred in 2020, it has since motivated tens of thousands. After learning about Davis, individuals may join support groups for those with mental illnesses, engage in group activities, or receive assistance from their community.

National Ya Dig Day: History

Since the early 1990s, the phrase “Can you dig it?” has been in common usage. It evolved into the phrase “ya dig?” and is still in use today. Simply put, people use it to ask if an individual is enjoying something or agrees with something. National YA DIG Day bears resemblance to this widely used expression; however, it transcends a mere inquiry into personal opinion and transforms into an expression of self-acceptance.

Commencing the national day commemoration with the principles of self-awareness, self-worth, and personal growth in mind. “YA DIG!” means “You are destined for greatness.” All individuals are expected to be inspired and motivated to consider their value. The aim is to cultivate an understanding that each life is valuable and warrants corresponding respect; should this day manage to inspire even a solitary individual with optimism, it will have achieved its purpose. Chauncey Lanier Davis, an individual who exemplified the aforementioned values and motivated those in his vicinity to share his sentiments or strive for an equivalent degree of dignity and recognition, is honored through the establishment of National YA DIG Day.

Davis would consistently exhort those he cared about and knew would achieve success in life, “YA DIG!” In 2020, the donor-supported, tax-exempt ADIZAHYR To Live Foundation instituted National YA DIG Day as a tribute to Davis. He remained a beacon of guidance for numerous individuals, whether through his words of encouragement, the embrace of those who were despondent, or attentiveness to those who felt unheard. Despite his absence from our lives, he continues to inspire and motivate numerous individuals through his passion for witnessing positive outcomes. We observe National YA DIG Day on May 12, Davis’s birthday, to honor him and to inspire and give hope to those who may not have known him, so that they can persevere on that day.

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National Ya Dig Day 2024: FAQs

In America, which mental illness is most prevalent?

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent form of mental illness in the United States. Anxiety disorders afflict more than forty million Americans.  Conversely, 7% of children aged three to seventeen suffer from anxiety annually. Most individuals develop symptoms prior to turning 21.

What causes the rise in mental illness within our society?

Social media may promote teen and young adult mental problems and suicide, according to research. Teen and young adult mental health difficulties are rising, and social media may be a contributor.

Is mental illness on the rise in the United States?

The adult population with a mental disorder grew by 1.5 million, or 19%, between 2017 and 2018. The prevalence of depression among 12- to 17-year-old adolescents rose by 52% from 2005 to 2017.

National Ya Dig Day 2024: Activities

Expressions of encouragement.

We often forget that individuals around us are also trying to navigate life and may be struggling or battling to survive, so inspire someone to find inspiration in that. Express your support or share a tale to inspire a stranger or new acquaintance.

Hug someone.

A scientific study has demonstrated that embracing can transform an individual’s existence. The brain’s reward pathways release endorphins in response to an embrace, contributing to an immediate sense of pleasure and well-being.  Show someone you care by embracing them and being there for them whenever they require assistance or direction.

Listen to a cherished one or friend.

Listen when someone is speaking. While conversing with another person, one way you communicate is by actively hearing. It signifies your appreciation for their viewpoints and your intention to provide assistance or encouragement. Be the person in whom others confide and seek assistance when they are struggling.

Five Mental Health Facts about the United States

  1. Prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders entails confronting known risk factors that can influence the likelihood that children, adolescents, and young adults will develop mental health issues, such as trauma exposure.
  2. Psychotherapists, doctors, or a combination of both may treat individuals with mental health issues.
  3. Mental health conditions are not attributable to laziness or weakness, and many individuals need help to recover.
  4. Half of all mental health disorders manifest before the age of 14, with three-quarters appearing before that age.
  5. Only 3% to 5% of violent acts are associated with serious mental illness; the general population has no higher propensity to commit violent acts than those who suffer from mental illness.

National Ya Dig Day: Dates

2024May 12Sunday
2025May 12Monday
2026May 12Tuesday
2027May 12Wednesday
2028May 12Friday

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