Poet in a Cupcake Day 2024 (US): Five Forms of Poetry

Poet in a Cupcake Day 2024, celebrated on April 5th, marks the end of Take Your Poet to School Week, encouraging people to adorn cupcakes with poet quotes.

Poet in a Cupcake Day 2024 (US): A cupcake contains a poet. This year, we observe Day annually on April 5, on the Friday of the first full week of April. Take Your Poet to School Week culminates with this event, where we conduct specific activities to honor poets and align them with a designated theme for each day of the week. Poet in a Cupcake Day inspires one to adorn delectable cupcakes with quotations from one’s preferred poets.

Poet in a Cupcake Day: History

One Poet Per Cupcake Tweets Peak, which was originally a poetry community that hosted poetry events frequently and allowed members to attend, compose, and submit poetry on Twitter or their blog website, established Day in April 2018. These parties gained support and new members at an alarming rate of expansion.

A small group of Twitter acquaintances who shared a passion for online poetry sharing and composition founded Tweets Peak. They officially introduced Twitter Peak on October 3, 2009, to monitor their poetry archives and party activities. Eric Salberg, a software developer, established their initial website, which subsequently experienced substantial expansion and an increased social media following.

T. S. Poetry Press, a publisher that specializes in poetry and other literary works, purchased Tweets Peak in March 2012. A T.S. Oprah selected Poetry Press title as one of her Best Summer Reads on June 8 of the same year. Tweets Peak debuted Poetry at Workday on January 15, 2013, and HuffPo’s Austen Gaza subsequently highlighted it. Tweets Peak published the first of numerous “poetry dares” on July 2, 2013, inviting hesitant readers to partake in the exhibition of poetry. The public responded positively to the challenge.

Poets descended upon workplaces worldwide on July 16, 2013, in observance of the inaugural Take Your Poet to Work Day. It received coverage in both the “New York Observer” and the “Paris Review.” With the culminating event of Poet in a Cupcake Day in April 2018, our cherished poets celebrated Take Your Poet to School Week as they entered the academic year.

Poet in a Cupcake Day: FAQs

Inquire about blackout poetry.

“Blackout poetry” is the process of creating one’s poetry by redacting words from a written piece of text found in a book, newspaper, or magazine.

Describe tweets and speak.

The poetry community speaks in tweets. Fostering the development of literary writers is the dedication to poetry.

An individual is a poet.

An individual who produces poetic compositions imbues the articulation of emotions and concepts with profundity through the application of a distinctive style and cadence.

Poet in a Cupcake Day: Activities

Prepare and embellish cupcakes.

Fill a baking dish with delectable cupcakes. Adorn with sprinkles and frosting, then adorn the top with a poem decal affixed to a toothpick or popsicle stick. You may also color and draw your images.

Distribute the pastries among acquaintances and coworkers.

You are welcome to bring decorated sweets to school or work to distribute them among your peers and acquaintances. Additionally, you may post images of your pastries on social media.

Apply pigment to a cut-and-do cupcake.

One can opt for a healthier alternative or reduce baking time by downloading and printing cut-and-color cupcake patterns. You can then embellish these patterns using glitter paint, pastels, or magic markers. Additionally, you can handwrite a line of poetry on colored cardboard and affix it to the object.

Five Forms of Poetry

  1. Empty verse: Blank verse is nonrhyming poetry composed in precise meter, which is almost always iambic pentameter.
  2. Rhyming verse: As opposed to blank verse, rhymed compositions are defined by rhyme, albeit with varying schemes.
  3. Epics: An epic poem is an extended, narrative poetic composition; these extensive poems typically recount the extraordinary exploits of characters from antiquity.
  4. The Sonnets: An example of a sonnet is a 14-line poem that is composed of internal rhymes and primarily or occasionally deals with the theme of love. The specific rhyme scheme employed in a given sonnet is contingent upon its manner.
  5. The genre of narrative poetry Analogous to an epic, a narrative poem narrates an event.

Poet in a Cupcake Day: Dates

2022April 8Friday
2023April 7Friday
2024April 5Friday
2025April 11Friday
2026April 10Friday

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