Autism Awareness Day 2024 (US): Learn about its History and Facts

Autism Awareness Day 2024 aims to raise awareness about the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing these conditions.

Autism Awareness Day 2024 (US): April 2 is Awareness Day for Autism. Boys have a prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is 4.3 times that of females, according to CDC statistics. The Child Mind Institute says girls “often go undiagnosed because they do not fit autism stereotypes and they mask symptoms better than boys.”

To celebrate this day in any other way would be to promote knowledge of the traits of people with this disease and how we can all contribute to compassion and understanding.

Autism Awareness Day: History

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) causes communication and behavioral difficulties that limit social interactions and cause repetitive and restricted conduct.

In 1911, psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler invented the word “autism” to describe a cluster of symptoms, including severe social isolation.

Dr. Leo Kanner’s 1943 “Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact” defined autism as a social and emotional disorder, whereas Hans Asperger’s 1944 “Autism Psychopathology Article” defined it as a disorder affecting ordinarily developing youngsters with social and communication issues. These articles contributed to a 1980 study that classified autism as a separate illness from schizophrenia.

On December 18, 2007, the UN General Assembly voted Resolution 62/139 to establish World Autism Awareness Day on April 2. This day encourages member states to promote awareness of autism spectrum disease and support research into new wellness and inclusion methods.

In 2013, the “American Psychiatric Association” recognized autism as a spectrum in the fifth edition of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”. This categorization consolidated all autism and related disorder subgroups, which had different symptoms, severity, and characteristics.

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Autism Awareness Day 2024: FAQs

Why does autism occur?

Scientists recently discovered numerous genetic mutations associated with autism. The results indicate over one hundred alleles that increase the risk of autism. However, the majority of cases involve a synergistic interplay of genetic and environmental elements.

How do I determine whether my child has autism?

Only psychologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists can diagnose autism, and the criteria are not clear until the child is two years old. Consider indicators like the incapacity to speak by 16 months or exchange noises, smiles, or facial emotions by 9 months.

After diagnosing an autism spectrum disorder, what steps should be taken?

Accepting the diagnosis in the early months may be challenging, but the best approach to managing it is to educate yourself and seek the help of a specialist (psychologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist). Many tools and treatments can help.

Five facts to increase Autism awareness

  • Autism spectrum disorder was diagnosed in 1 in 59 children in 2018, with boys being more likely than females.
  • Autism can be detected as early as 2 years old; thus, early intervention is the best way to promote health.
  • Over half of youngsters with autism also experience chronic sleep difficulties and gastrointestinal illnesses.
  • Autism services (including nutrition) cost an estimated $196 billion annually for adults and $66 billion for children.
  • People with autism spectrum disorders include Tim Burton, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and others. With the right support and therapy, these people can change the world.

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Autism Awareness Day: Dates

2024April 2Tuesday
2025April 2Wednesday
2026April 2Thursday
2027April 2Friday
2028April 2Sunday
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