California Announces $6000 Monthly Stimulus Payments: Eligibility Criteria Revealed

California has announced a new stimulus program, aiming to provide up to $6000 monthly payments to thousands of families.

$6000 Monthly Stimulus Payments California: A new stimulus program is expected to provide substantial financial assistance to thousands of families in California, providing monthly payments of up to $6000.

We aim to decrease the financial burden of high living costs and other expenses.

Individuals and families in California are addressing the challenges posed by the economy as a result of a stimulus program that was recently implemented. Eligible individuals will receive a payment of $6,000, which will be disbursed over 18 months.

This initiative benefits the state by fostering economic stability and assistance. These payments contribute to the economy’s expansion and the increasing purchasing power of California by providing cash resources.

IRS $6000 Stimulus Checks 2024: Overview

OrganizationSocial Security Administration
Benefit TypeStimulus Checks for Everyone
Applicable inCalifornia, US state
Payment DateJune 2024
ModeDirect Deposit / Paper Checks
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official Website

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In California, who is eligible for the $6,000 stimulus payment?

Applicants for this stimulus program must meet the requirements. The tax year 2020 AGI determines these limits.

With an AGI under $150,000, married couples must file jointly, while singles or married couples must file separately with an AGI under $75,000. Federal and state income tax returns from the preceding year are required.

United States citizens or permanent residents with valid Social Security numbers or Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers are eligible. Additionally, applicants must be California residents and meet income requirements.

When will you receive your checks?

The $6000 stimulus payments will be distributed monthly over a period of 18 months rather than as a single payment. The recipient’s income and the number of dependents will determine the payment quantities. Joint filers with an AGI under $150,000 will receive $700 per month, while individual taxpayers with an AGI of less than $75,000 will receive $350 per month.

Each dependent child, with a maximum of two children, will receive an additional $350 per month. In other words, families with a single child could receive a monthly payment of $700 to $1,050, while those with two children could receive the full $1,400.

Payments will commence in June 2023 and persist until November 2024. This program is anticipated to benefit approximately 8.3 million low-income households, according to the state.

How to Claim $6000 Stimulus Check 2024

  • Individuals have to visit the official website of the California government to receive $6000 in benefits.
  • Now they have to click on the government and welfare schemes and select the “$6,000 Stimulus Checks 2024” link.
  • Now they have to fill out all personal details, social security numbers, and other required details in the application form.
  • After submitting the application form, the California government will review your claim, and once it’s approved, you will get $6000 directly in your bank account.

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