Children’s Picture Book Day 2024: Learn about its History and Facts

Children's Picture Book Day 2024 commemorates the nostalgia of childhood, focusing on the joy and knowledge gained from reading picture books. The holiday is influenced by Hans Christian Andersen's birthday.

Children’s Picture Book Day 2024: April 2 marks National Children’s Picture Book Day, prompting us to reflect on the days we spent reading picture books. The very name of this holiday evokes feelings of nostalgia for our childhood. We have traversed vast distances on the backs of scaly dragons, ridden on the backs of wizards and witches during conquests, and consumed confectionery and gingerbread walls and doors.

We have not only gained knowledge of great significance from them but have also, above all, enjoyed ourselves while reading an open picture book on our laps. As a wise person once said, books do indeed open the mind and heart to an infinite number of possibilities. The significant birthday of fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen falls on April 2, which is National Children’s Picture Book Day.

Children’s Picture Book Day: History

We immediately think of “Peter Rabbit,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” and “The Cat in the Hat” for National Children’s Picture Book Day. Let’s also take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to find out how this day started.

IBBY Switzerland founded National Children’s Picture Book Day in 1967. Jella Lepman, a German journalist and author, established IBBY. She and several other members founded IBBY in 1953. The organization’s objective was to cultivate in children a passion and enthusiasm for literature. With the establishment of National Children’s Picture Book Day in 1967, IBBY achieved its objective.

IBBY pursued an additional objective to ensure global observance of the day. Each year, a different nation celebrates the occasion. An illustrator creates a poster incorporating various components of the host nation’s chosen theme. Celebrate the day with drawing, writing, and reading competitions, as well as the presentation of book awards.

It is not mandatory to be a resident of the host country to observe the occasion. One might celebrate the day by reading with youngsters or reminiscing about picture books. Reading picture books (or any book) boosts vocabulary and brainpower, among other benefits.

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Children’s Picture Book Day: FAQs

It must be simple to compose a picture book for children, correct?

An equal amount of investigation and deliberation goes into the creation of a children’s picture book as any other book.  Additionally, the illustration technique would require determination.

Which picture book for children is the finest to purchase?

Quite a bit depends on the particular students involved. In terms of content interest, would they be receptive to a wide variety of narratives, or would they have a preference for specific categories exclusively? However, intermittently introducing them to novel concepts is still advisable.

Is the literature more enjoyable than the film?

Oh, the dreaded inquiry that plagues all bookworms. Honestly, make your own decision; even better yet, involve the children in the activity. After thoroughly enjoying the picture books, proceed to watch the films. Each of you may engage in a discussion regarding the elements of the mediums that you found more appealing, as well as determine which one was ultimately superior.

Five Dr. Seuss facts that will astound you

  1. The original intent behind one of Dr. Seuss’s most renowned works, “The Cat in the Hat,” which consists of 250 words and images, was to entice children to read.
  2. Dr. Seuss possessed an extensive assortment of hats, and to bypass his writing blocks, he would assume one whenever he encountered difficulty.
  3. A friend’s wager that Dr. Seuss couldn’t write a book in fifty words or less served as the inspiration for “Green Eggs and Ham.”
  4. Dr. Seuss, whose given name was Theodor Seuss Geisel, was not a physician in any capacity; rather, he merely affixed the appellation to lend his authorial persona some legitimacy.
  5. When questioned about the source of his extraordinary story ideas, Dr. Seuss invariably responded that he would travel to Gletsch, Switzerland, to have his cuckoo clock repaired. During his sojourns there, he would engage in conversations with the inhabitants of Gletsch, who perpetually engaged in peculiar subjects of discussion.

Children’s Picture Book Day: Dates

2024April 2Tuesday
2025April 2Wednesday
2026April 2Thursday
2027April 2Friday
2028April 2Sunday

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