Chinese Language Day 2024 (China): Learn about its Activities and Importance

Chinese Language Day, established in 2010 by UNESCO, honors Cangjie, the inventor of Chinese characters, and celebrates its status as one of the six official languages.

Chinese Language Day 2024: Chinese is the native tongue of over one billion individuals, which is more than any other country or people. In 2010, UNESCO (an organization affiliated with the United Nations) established Chinese Language Day to honor Chinese as one of the organization’s six official languages. We have delighted in it annually since April 20th. Additionally, the day honors Cangjie, the inventor of Chinese characters approximately 5,000 years ago. Legend has it that the heavens rained grain upon the earth when Cangjie completed his work.

Chinese Language Day: Activities

Acquire some Chinese.

The proper response to “Thank you” is “xiexie.” Phonetically, it resembles the phrase “she-ye she-ye.” Simply utter the entire phrase as a single word. Simple, right? You are now conversant in Chinese!

Dine at a Chinese eatery.

Try Peking duck if you do not have a beloved Chinese dish, as almost everyone does. It will be unlike anything else you have ever tasted. Then, with taste buds in nirvana, you can conclude your meal and demonstrate that you are a global citizen by expressing your gratitude to your server in Chinese, of course.

Observe a Chinese film

You are fortunate. China is home to some of the most visually striking films in the world. Perhaps commence by perusing “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” When you realize how lovely the Mandarin language sounds and how great Chinese films are, Chinese Language Day will introduce you to an entirely new genre with thousands of films to discover.

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Chinese Language Day: Importance

We express our gratitude to China.

Today is the occasion to express our gratitude (“xiexie”) for the marvelous gifts that China has bestowed upon us. Such as spaghetti? Although the noodles (the crucial component) originated in China, they originated in Italy. China deserves credit for developing paper. Who could survive without it? Furthermore, do you enjoy Earl Grey tea? Do so, Captain Picard. The tea originated at the Chinese Imperial Court, notwithstanding its appellation. Reflect upon the aforementioned on Chinese Language Day.

China has several options.

By classifying related languages, China can claim eleven, with Mandarin serving as its official tongue. Furthermore, the Chinese language encompasses over 1,500 distinct dialects.

Stars converse in Chinese.

Chinese actors who are successful also speak Chinese. Jackie Chan is arguably the greatest stunt performer in the world, while Jet Li is the most renowned martial artist in the world. Michelle Yeoh was an alluring and lethal female Bond. Some of Zhang Ziyi’s most notable films feature him. The facts support the notion that Chinese speakers are among the world’s coolest people.

Chinese Language Day:  Dates

2024April 20Saturday
2025April 20Sunday
2026April 20Monday
2027April 20Tuesday
2028April 20Thursday

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