Day of Fraternity and Cohesion 2024 (Algeria): Learn about its History and Facts

Algeria's Day of Fraternity and Cohesion 2024 commemorates the nationwide protests against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's power grab, marking the triumph of democracy and the people's will.

Day of Fraternity and Cohesion 2024 (Algeria): The National Day of Fraternity and Cohesion is observed annually in the Republic of Algeria on February 22. It is the anniversary of the nationwide demonstrations that opposed an unjust leader and his party’s attempt at yet another egocentric power grab. National protests were organized in unison on February 22, 2019, across the entire nation. The closure of educational institutions and businesses accompanied the nationwide effort to thwart President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s bid for a fifth term. The dissidents ultimately succeeded in removing Bouteflika from power. Nationwide, the day has been observed since 2020 to remember the triumph of democracy and the will of the people.

Day of Fraternity and Cohesion: History

The Algerian people celebrate the National Day of Fraternity and Cohesion, a public holiday, with great joy and a strong sense of patriotism. It is important to reflect on the significant impact that the spring of 2019 had on the entire nation. Young Algerians took the lead in the demonstrations, which lasted for nearly two months, outraged by the former president’s twenty-year rule.

Protests erupted in various parts of the country. A refrain that echoed through the streets emphasized the distinction between a republic and a kingdom. The president’s candidacy for a fifth term was met with immediate disapproval due to its controversial nature and accusations of “stealing the country.”

The demonstrations occurred cohesively. In addition to concluding Friday evening prayers, elders would organize street demonstrations while singing melodies honoring Algeria. In opposition, parents opted to keep their children indoors. The ruling political party, the gerontocracy, and the unsuitable president were all rejected by the nation’s youth. The protests, which were characterized as a “movement of young Algerian citizens and Algerian citizens,” persisted until the president conceded in early April.

Algeria witnessed a historic juncture in its independent history when the republic’s strength collided with the government’s attempt to seize power, culminating in a victory for the people. “The National Day of Fraternity and Cohesion between the People and Their Army for Democracy” is the complete title of the commemoration, which signifies the army’s eventual, decisive assistance in assisting the people to galvanize the movement in the national interest.

Day of Fraternity and Cohesion 2024: FAQs

Which form of democracy is prevalent in Algeria?

Algeria is classified as a “controlled democracy” due to the collaborative decision-making process between the military, the state, and a select group of unelected civilians concerning the nation’s trajectory.

When is the Independence Day of Algeria?

Algeria annually commemorates its independence from France on July 5.

Are women permitted to vote openly in Algeria?

Algeria has a nineteenth-century universal suffrage system. In democratic elections, both men and women are eligible to vote and vie for office.

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Day of Fraternity and Cohesion 2024: Activities

Respect the struggle

On this day, the nation marks the commencement of widespread protests that led to the ousting of President Bouteflika from office following an almost two-decade tenure. Lend solidarity and admiration to the Algerian people via social media platforms, deriving motivation from their challenges and achievements.

Speak out in opposition to corruption.

The demonstrations aimed to highlight the widespread corruption, nepotism, and inertia that defined Algeria’s government. Both young and elderly Algerians share a sense of pride in the successful removal of a corrupt leader through powerful protests. On February 22, it is important to raise your voice against corruption in your communities and take action to bring about the change you want to see in the world.

Engage in democratic participation

Utilize the day to participate actively in the democratic process in your country. Engage in community service, volunteer your vote, become a member of a grassroots organization, and monitor local and/or national government proceedings. Algeria demonstrated to the world that demonstrations are effective and can have an impact; therefore, we must participate in our republic lest we behold its demise.

Five Amazing Algerian Facts

It’s a vast nation.

Algeria ranks tenth among the most expansive nations globally.

The barren terrain

The remaining 12 percent of the nation’s land area is uninhabitable due to the Great Sahara Desert.

The republic is favorable to women

Algeria is by far the most favorable country for women among Islamic-majority nations, with women comprising over 60% of the student body.

The influence of France

French culture in Algeria profoundly influences the court system and customs in the realm of hospitality.

A homeland devoted to youth

By 2020, nearly 30 percent of Algerians will be under 15 years old.

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Day of Fraternity and Cohesion 2024: Importance

It is a triumph of the people’s will.

Algeria’s largest demonstrations in three decades were successful due to the public’s legitimate demands over a few individuals’ wrongdoing. This heroic anecdote substantiates the liberal tenets of democracy and merits an annual commemoration.

A new chapter in Algeria’s history is inaugurated.

The nation enters a new era of politics, governance, and constitutional reform on February 22, 2019. One may utilize this national holiday as an opportunity to reflect on and commemorate this critical juncture of solidarity and advancement.

It is truly inspiring.

It is atypical for an Islamic republic to yield to civil unrest and alter its stance on affairs. The fact that this nation is the largest in Africa enriches this monumental triumph. It is the utmost aspiration that other African nations will adopt the lessons of democratic principles and the strength of the people. May the decade conclude with a greater number of individuals supporting democracy than opposing it.

Day of Fraternity and Cohesion: Dates

2024February 22Thursday
2025February 22Saturday
2026February 22Sunday
2027February 22Monday
2028February 22Tuesday

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