Florida Tax Free Days: Discover the Items You Can Score at a Discount During Freedom Summer Savings

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposes the Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday, allowing various products, including fishing gear and state park admissions, to be exempt from sales tax during July.

Florida Tax Free Days: Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has proposed the Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday, an important tax relief measure intended to be implemented during the fiscal year 2024/25. During the entire month of July, a variety of products will be exempt from sales tax, including fishing gear, outdoor equipment, and admissions to state parks and institutions.

Governor DeSantis additionally declared complimentary admission to all Florida State Parks throughout Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-27, 2024, to inaugurate the summer festivities.

“The state of Florida is taking action to reduce the cost of summer for families,” stated Governor Ron DeSantis.

“While the federal government is causing high inflation and skyrocketing costs for families, Florida’s smart fiscal policies allow us to reduce taxes and help reduce the burden on Floridians.”

The purpose of the Freedom Month Sales Tax Holiday is to alleviate the financial strain on families throughout the summer by waiving sales tax on a wide variety of seasonal products.

Florida Implements Freedom Summer Sales Tax Exemption to Boost Economy

Which products will be available at a reduced price?

Boating and water activity supplies (including snorkels and eyewear) priced at or less $25, pool toys priced at or less $35, and coolers, life jackets, and paddles priced at or less $75 are eligible.

Furthermore, we include larger equipment such as inflatable water tubes and buoys, wakeboards priced at $150 or less, paddleboards and surfboards priced at $300 or less, and canoes and kayaks priced at $500 or less.

A tax exemption is available to fishing devotees for bait and tackle (less than $5 for individual items and $10 for multiple items sold together), tackle boxes costing $30 or less, and fishing reels and rods priced at $75 or less.

Tax-exempt items for campers consist of headlamps priced at or below $30, sleeping bags and camping chairs priced at or below $50, and tents priced at or below $200.

Sunscreen priced at $15 or less, water bottles priced at $30 or less, bicycle helmets priced at $50 or less, outdoor grills priced at $250 or less, and bicycles priced at $500 or less are all eligible for the tax holiday.

Also, tax-free tickets will be available for performances and events from July 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024. This includes live music, sporting events, films, ballets, plays, fairs, and festivals.

Furthermore, the tax relief initiative encompasses admissions to museums and state parks, including annual permits, in addition to season tickets for cultural events such as plays, concerts, ballets, and theater productions.

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