Grand National 2024 (UK): Know about its History, Facts and FAQs

The Grand National Festival, held in Aintree, features the National Hunt horse race, a handicap steeplechase covering 514 yards, and attracts 500-600 million spectators globally.

Grand National 2024: This year’s Grand National Festival is April 11–14. Aintree hosts the National Hunt horse race. Horses jump 30 obstacles in two circuits. The Grand National Festival was Europe’s most valuable jump race in 2017 with a £1 million prize pool. This race has grown in popularity, even among horse racing agnostics. The race track is significantly larger compared to National Hunt fences.

These obstacles, combined with the horses’ distance, are the hardest for mounts and horsemen. Remote viewers can watch the free-to-air live broadcast on terrestrial TV from Aintree Racecourse. Radio has broadcast the race in its entirety since 1927. At present, Talksport and the BBC handle this. This event is popular globally. Over 140 countries host 500–600 million Grand National spectators.

The History of The Grand National

William Lynn, Waterloo Hotel owner and syndicate president, founded the Grand National Festival. The second Earl of Sefton, William Molyneux, leased him some Aintree land. Lynn designed the course and grandstand on February 7, 1829, while Lord Sefton laid the foundation stone.

The race became national after three major events in 1838 and 1839. The Great St. Albans Chase closed after 1838, along with the Aintree steeplechase. This left a big gap in the calendar.
The 1830 Manchester-Liverpool railway was connected to London in 1839 via Birmingham. Liverpool became accessible by train from many parts of the country.

Lastly, a committee was formed to improve race organization. A highly publicized race occurred in 1839 due to these factors. It had more elite horses and riders, press coverage, and race day crowds.

Over the years, the Grand National Festival has been one of the top jump contests for horses and riders. It is the longest UK race. Horse lovers and animal rights groups have condemned the Grand National as unsafe for horses. Two horses died in 2011 and 2012 at the Grand National. The RSPCA and other animal welfare groups pushed for a change.

Over the years, obstacles and courses have been adjusted to protect horses and jockeys. To help horses relax, the starting line has been moved farther from the main stand. The RSPCA has engaged in Grand National debates, reviews, and research for 30 years, improving racing.

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FAQs for Grand National

In 2022, the Grand National Festival was won by whom?

Sam Waley-Cohen, an amateur, emerged victorious at the Grand National Festival in 2022.

Which barricade stands at the height of the Grand National Festival?

The Chair, measuring five feet three inches in height, is the tallest barrier on the course.

Who has the most victories as a Grand National jockey?

Five times, the Grand National Festival was won by George Stevens.

Grand National: Activities

Grand National Festival Attendance

Visit Liverpool if you are in the United Kingdom to witness the live-action. There is nothing quite like the thrill of attending a race in person.

Educate oneself on history

The history of the Grand National Festival is quite intriguing. This day is ideal for reliving the events that have transpired throughout the years.

Harness a steed

One of the most enjoyable methods to partake in The Grand National Festival is through horseback riding. You will enjoy yourself without the obligation to win a race.

The Grand National: Five Facts

A race in which there are no victors.

In 1993, the event was canceled due to a false start that occurred; some riders failed to observe and continued.

Age-appropriate to race

At the age of 48, Dick Saunders was the oldest victorious jockey in 1982.

Age records were broken.

Peter Simple, at the age of 15, emerged victorious in the Grand National Festival race atop the age group.

Success for women

Rachael Blackmore achieved the historic feat of becoming the inaugural female jockey to triumph at the Grand National Festival in 2021.

The most popular steed

In 1938, at the tender age of seventeen, Bruce Hobbs triumphed in the contest, just three months before the Grand National Festival.

A Delight Of Grand National

Possesses a lengthy history

For centuries, the Grand National Festival has been held. Since then, the race has experienced a multitude of transformations. This elevates the event beyond a mere horse race.

Brings together horse enthusiasts

An international gathering of horse enthusiasts gathers to honor the prowess and velocity of these extraordinary creatures. One of the causes for the exceptional nature of this race is as follows.

It has joy.

Spectating horse racing is an assured method to increase one’s heart rate. The Grand National Festival offers individuals of every age an opportunity to experience exhilaration.

Grand National Dates

2024April 11Thursday
2025April 8Tuesday
2026April 8Wednesday

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