Southland Anniversary 2024: Learn about its Interesting History and Facts

Southland Anniversary 2024 is a public holiday in New Zealand, observed every Tuesday after Easter, commemorating the province's formation and featuring various activities and cultural events.

Southland Anniversary 2024:  The Southland Region of New Zealand celebrates the Southland Anniversary every Tuesday after Easter as a public holiday. The date of occurrence is April 2 this year. We chose the date close to the official formation of the Province of Southland on April 1, 1861, to allow for a five-day weekend. Southland Anniversary Day has only been observed since 2011, but the date was chosen to create a five-day weekend starting on the Saturday before Easter and ending on Easter Monday and Tuesday.

Like other regions of New Zealand, Southland celebrates Anniversary Day with a variety of activities in communities throughout the region, including food stalls, concerts, fairs, and educational events with historical and cultural significance.

Southland Anniversary: History

Established on April 1, 1861, the province of Southland was created by dividing from the province of Otago. The Abolition of the Provinces Act dissolved Southland Province in November 1876. Despite this, the province continues to observe an anniversary day, similar to the majority of New Zealand. The three mayors of the southern region reached a consensus in December 2011 to observe Southland Anniversary Day on Easter Tuesday.

Southland, situated on the South Island of New Zealand, consists of undulating plains and rocky coastlines. Southland offers a plethora of activities and attractions. Catlin’s Coast is replete with evidence of New Zealand’s past, including the petrified forest, the legendary Burt Munro, and early Mori heritage. Sealers were the first Europeans to establish contact with the southern coast of the South Island during the late 1700s.

Almost 600 years before the arrival of the first Europeans, Maori had arrived in Bluff, where the profusion of fish and birds attracted seafaring Mori. An aerial photograph of New Zealand will reveal that the North Island has the appearance of a fish. The Maori regard Wellington Harbor as the mouth of a fish, while the far north symbolizes its tail.

In the southern region of the South Island, which the Maori referred to as Murihiku, settlers petitioned the government for separation from Otago. This persisted from 1857 until 1861, when the government finally reached an agreement. Despite the colonizers’ and indigenous Maori inhabitants’ preference for the name Murihiku, Southland was officially designated as a province.

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Southland Anniversary: FAQs

Does the nation recognize Southland’s anniversary as a national holiday?

Southland Anniversary Day, a state holiday, sees most businesses and educational institutions closed, allowing the general public to enjoy a day off.

Does the Otago anniversary coincide with that of Southland?

Otago Anniversary Day falls on Mondays, while Southland Anniversary Day is celebrated on Tuesdays. New Zealand observes both as public holidays, with schools and most businesses closed and the general public enjoying a day off.

What makes the Tuesday following Easter an off day?

Easter Tuesday is a public holiday in many places because it’s the third day of the Easter Octave. Easter Tuesday is the third day of Bright Week in the Byzantine Rite and Eastertide in Western Christianity.

Southland Anniversary 2024: Activities

Exploration of Milford Sound

The most frequented tourist attraction in New Zealand is Fiordland National Park’s Milford Sound. A glacier created the inlet known as a fjord, producing the sound.

Visit the Hokonui Museum of Moonshine

Criminal liquor production in the Hokonui Hills of Southland was the subject of police investigations throughout the previous century. This could be an opportunity to observe a replica of the alcohol industry in the Gore District during Prohibition.

Spread the occasion’s delight via social media.

By using the hashtags #Southland and #SouthlandDay on social media, you can join the celebration. Additionally, you can search the Internet for amusing photos and videos of the occasion.

Five Interesting South Wales Facts

  1. Stunning structures, lakes, ports, nature, and national parks all contribute to the city’s allure as a destination for visitors and those seeking a serene and enjoyable time.
  2. With its untamed rainforests, picturesque farmlands, and rugged coastlines, New Zealand is the epitome of a natural and wildlife sanctuary.
  3. Although each Maori village had its own name, the majority of what is now Southland was referred to as Murihiku.
  4. You can get a sense of Invercargill, the capital of Southland, being preoccupied with all things wheel-related by either observing cyclists or participating in a ride at the SIT Zero Fees Velodrome.
  5. Two waterfalls vie for the distinction of being the tallest in New Zealand, with Browne Falls being one of them.

Southland Anniversary: Dates

2022April 19Tuesday
2023April 11Tuesday
2024April 2Tuesday
2025April 22Tuesday
2026April 7Tuesday

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