Louis Riel Day 2024 (Canada): Honoring Canada’s Beloved Hero

Louis Riel Day, a Canadian holiday honoring Métis leader and Manitoba founder, is observed on February 19, although not in other provinces.

Louis Riel Day 2024: Louis Riel, a Métis leader and campaigner for Manitoba’s entrance into Canada, is honored in many Canadian streets, organizations, and homes. Although Manitoba celebrates Louis Riel Day as a public holiday, other provinces do not.

Louis Riel Day is a significant Canadian holiday observed annually on the third Monday of February. This year, it falls on February 19. Louis Riel Day honors the Canadian statesman and Manitoba founder’s life and accomplishments.

Louis Riel Day: Historical Background

Family Day marks the start of Louis Riel Day, a celebration that showcases the vibrant history of the Manitoban people. After Manitoban students suggested titles for athletics, art, history, culture, and significant others, the Legislative Assembly created an event on February 18, 2007. The Métis community values Louis Riel Day because Riel spent his life defending their rights and culture.

In defense of the Métis community’s interests, he spearheaded substantial rebellions against European settlers and the federal government. In pursuit of this objective, he founded the Métis National Committee and oversaw the Red River Resistance, which aimed to preserve their political, social, and cultural heritage. Despite government condemnation and exile from Parliament, Riel’s steadfast dedication to his principles continues to have a lasting impact.

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Louis Riel Day 2024: Importance

  • Many people acknowledge and hold Louis Riel in high regard as the founder of Manitoba. He demonstrated his instrumental role in legitimizing the province by collaborating with the Métis National Committee.
  • He occupies a notable position as a national icon, attaining the eleventh rank in the CBC documentary series “The Greatest Canadian.”
  • Notwithstanding his three terms in parliament, Riel was subject to recurrent exiles as a consequence of political disputes.
  • The well-documented mental health struggles of Riel include violent eruptions and nervous breakdowns.
  • His reputation continues to be a subject of controversy, as various viewpoints depict him as either a traitorous disruptor or a protector of the Métis people.

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Five Facts about Louis Reil

  1. Louis Riel is widely regarded as the “Father of Manitoba” due to his leadership of the Métis National Committee, an organization that effectively spearheaded the establishment of Manitoba through its consolidation into a provisional government.
  2. Based on public votes, “The Greatest Canadian,” administered by C.B.C., ranks Riel as the eleventh “Greatest Canadian.”
  3. Three times, he was elected to the parliament. Each instance in which he was expelled was attributable to his prolonged acceptance period.
  4. He experienced violent outbursts and psychological breakdowns after his exile.
  5. The Métis saw him as their protector, but the European settlers hated him and thought he was a traitorous troublemaker.

Louis Riel Day Dates

2022February 21Monday
2023February 20Monday
2024February 19Monday
2025February 17Monday
2026February 16Monday

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