National Bookmobile Day 2024 (US): Discover its Fascinating Facts and History

National Bookmobile Day 2024 honors bookmobile libraries, their service, and the contributions of library workers, drivers, and donors, promoting reading accessibility and book donations.

National Bookmobile Day 2024 (US): National Bookmobile Day is on Wednesday during National Library Week in April. The date is April 10 this year. Bookmobile libraries move books between communities. These vehicles carry books. They resemble a portable library. Bookmobiles make reading easier for folks who can’t go to larger public libraries. It encourages book donations, too. National Bookmobile Day honors this community-wide service. The event also honors library workers, drivers, donors, and others.

National Bookmobile Day: History

In the early 20th century, librarian Mary Titcomb founded the first bookmobile in the US. Titcomb intended to transport literature to remote areas. Her horse-drawn wooden bookmobile carried crates of books. Post offices and adjacent retailers received these boxes. first horseless bookmobiles debuted in 1912. These bookmobiles visited rural and urban schools and elder homes. Even distant alpine residents without libraries received them.

The Great Depression and World Wars hurt this initiative, and bookmobiles declined. They returned in the 1950s. The 1956 Library Services Act sparked this revival. Bookmobiles helped reach over 30 million rural residents with library services. Unfortunately, increased fuel prices again hampered everything.

Many 21st-century bookmobiles have switched to digital platforms to suit people’s reading demands and reduce fuel expenses, thanks to the internet.

In 2010, they added National Bookmobile Day to National Library Week. We did this to thank library transport services in several US locations. The ALA and libraries across the country sponsor this event.

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National Bookmobile Day: FAQs

Is the bookmobile still in operation?

Bookmobiles continue to function in certain local communities. The closest bookmobile route can be located online.

What is the price of a bookmobile?

Annual maintenance on a bookmobile costs approximately $200,000.

How is a bookmobile operated?

A bookmobile enables the library to locate its patrons, as opposed to the library having to travel to them. These itinerant libraries provide book loans to individuals in need of reading material while visiting diverse communities.

National Bookmobile Day: Activities

Donate your used literature.

It may be time to donate the numerous old books that are accumulating and causing disarray in your residence. Another person will find your literature to be valuable.

Write a note of appreciation.

Expressing gratitude is free of charge. Writing a note of appreciation to a librarian or the local bookmobile driver for their services does not require much effort.

Raise awareness.

Perhaps many individuals are unaware of bookmobiles. It is equally essential to inform others of the locations where these libraries can be found.

Five essential facts regarding bookmobiles

  1. India has a long history of using canoes to transport books for villagers who commute by water.
  2. The Kenyan government established the Camel Library Service in 1996 to transport literature from one community to another.
  3. Street Books, an environmentally conscious bookmobile situated in Portland, Oregon, operates by means of bicycle-powered carriages to transport books to individuals experiencing homelessness.
  4. Books are transported to numerous remote locations in Thailand using elephants.
  5. In Bangkok, a train has been transformed into a library, classroom, computer car, and music car as part of the Library Train for Homeless Children initiative.

National Bookmobile Day: Dates

2022April 6Wednesday
2023April 26Wednesday
2024April 17Wednesday
2025April 10Thursday
2026April 10Friday

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