National Cat Lady Day 2024 (Canada): Five unknown Facts, Activities and FAQs

Cat owners commemorate their feline companions daily, showing affection and promoting cardiovascular health through reduced cortisol, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

National Cat Lady Day 2024: National Cat Lady Day is observed on April 19, but cat owners are well aware that they commemorate their feline companions daily. Thus, show your cat some catnip and embrace your feline companion. Besides pleasing you, that animal does more than that. In addition to enticing us with their affection, pets contribute to cardiovascular health improvement through the reduction of cortisol, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels. Continue reading together. Consult our guide to gifts for cat enthusiasts if you wish to commemorate grandly.

National Cat Lady Day: History

April 19 is National Cat Lady Day. Since the dark ages of Europe, when women who loved animals were suspicious and contemptible, the “cat lady” label has changed. After that, the negative cat woman stereotype has become fashionable, and many cat ladies proudly wear it. Despite being descended from the African wildcat and originally used to catch rodents, cats have been domesticated as pets since antiquity.

Cats were first documented in Egyptian times. ancient Egyptians revered cats as deities; thus, they are universally connected with them. Mafdet, the earliest cat deity in the earliest Dynasty, protected against evil, serpents, and scorpions. Cats were both deities and protectors.

A cat lady is a stock figure or cultural stereotype of a woman, old or middle-aged hermit, or widow with many cats. The phrase could be mocked or praised. Depending on the context, prefixing ‘crazy’ to ‘cat woman’ can be disparaging or hilarious and lovable. Some authors, public figures, and artists nickname a psychologically stable animal enthusiast or rescuer who cares for one or more cats a “crazy cat lady”.

Cat owners and non-cat owners had similar anxiety, despair, and relationship experiences. Cat owners are not innately unhappy, worried, or socially awkward, according to the study. In a 1983 study, pet owners scored higher on social sensitivity and interpersonal trust than non-owners, but dog and cat owners did not vary.

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National Cat Lady Day: FAQs

Do cats enjoy cuddles?

The majority of felines are extraordinarily affectionate, delighting in embraces and nuzzling while purring softly and noisily. However, excessive affection may make some cats feel uneasy; therefore, adhere to your cat’s comfort level at all times or risk receiving a caution hiss or worse.

How many felines do you need to be considered a cat lady?

A “crazy cat lady” can be described as an individual who, although otherwise ordinary, possesses four or more cats.

Is six an excess?

Beyond six to eight cats is generally considered excessive, except for breeders. As the number of cats increases, the level of individualized attention provided to each cat decreases. A less intimate human-cat interaction develops over time.

National Cat Lady Day: Activities

Visit an animal shelter

You will not regret it, and the shelter’s feline residents will enjoy your company. Contacting a local animal shelter or rescue may be one way in which you can be of assistance.

Combining bubbles and your pet

Who does not take pleasure in the act of blowing bubbles? Invest quality time with your furry companion by frantically attempting to puncture them.

Engage in yoga

Cats not only enjoy extending but are also exceptionally adept at it. Merely avoiding the downward-facing dog pose will suffice.

Five Unknown Facts about Cats

Severe mourning

When a family cat passed away, the Egyptians shaved their temples; when a dog passed away, the remainder of their bodies were shaved.

For the affection of felines

In 525 BCE, the Egyptian army capitulated to the Persians, abstaining from combat so as not to infuriate their deity Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess, on account of the Persians having depicted her on their shields.

Filter for saltwater

Cat kidneys are capable of desalinating desalinated water for hydration purposes after filtering sodium from the water.

Due to public demand

As pets, cats are the most prevalent in North America.

The sanctity of their status

The ancient Egyptians held cats in such high regard that they were often venerated during their lifetimes, mummified upon their demise, and embellished with humble gems.

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National Cat Lady Day: Importance

Cats are delightful.

Cats are remarkable beings. A cat guarantees an entertaining time with its wacky activities and epic expressions.

Their mental health is enhanced.

It has been clinically demonstrated that cats, simply by being themselves, alleviate tension and improve mental health. The act of petting a fluffy kitten can stimulate the production of chemicals that alleviate tension.

We adore every moment of existence.

Observances of holidays such as the present day demonstrate that humans value all living creatures. A greater number of individuals admire and revere felines than those who do not.

National Cat Lady Day: Dates

2024April 19Friday
2025April 19Saturday
2026April 19Sunday
2027April 19Monday
2028April 19Wednesday

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