National Coq Au Vin Day 2024 (US): History, Importance and Dates

On May 29, National Coq Au Vin Day celebrates French cuisine, featuring a delicacy called "rooster-in-wine" prepared by French peasants. The dish, pronounced 'cuhk oh van', is a cultural and waistline-enhancing experience.

National Coq Au Vin Day 2024: Each year, on May 29, National Coq Au Vin Day is observed, and we are exceedingly appreciative of the additional day that is dedicated to French cuisine. This holiday not only broadens our cultural perspectives but also our waistlines! The dish’s name, which translates to “rooster-in-wine,” makes clear that it is a delicacy that French peasants made. You may have encountered the expression “A chicken in every pot,” which is incorrectly attributed to President Hoover.

King Henry IV of France was the genuine proponent, as he desired that all of his subjects would have a chicken in their containers on Sundays. This dish is pronounced ‘cuhk oh van’ and is composed of chicken that is braised in a bacon-lard, mushroom, and peppery sauce, with a generous amount of wine.

National Coq Au Vin Day: History

Braising poultry in wine may have begun around 6000 B.C., according to many authorities. Coq au Vin’s origin is unknown, although a wonderful legend dates back to Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul (France and Belgium) in 58 B.C. French novelist Gilbert Cesbron said, “The rooster was the emblem of France.” It’s coq au vin today. No more accurate assertions were possible. The Gallic rooster symbolized bravery. Following Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, a provincial tribal ruler reportedly sent him a rooster in defiance. Caesar invited him to dinner when the Gallic ruler was served the same wine-cooked rooster. Whether this is true or not, it makes a good story for your French-themed dinner party.

In the 1600s, King Henry IV of France wanted his peasants to eat “a chicken in his pot every Sunday.” The French peasant dish coq au vin became popular across Europe, indicating that his philanthropic goal was taken seriously. The 1864 cookbook “Cookery for English Households.” provided the recipe for “poulet au vin blanc” (chicken in white wine). Coq au vin is very similar to this dish.

However, Julia Child’s 1961 textbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” popularized coq au vin in the US. Julia Child introduced French cuisine to American households and created other tantalizing French recipes.

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National Coq Au Vin Day: FAQs

What is the optimal wine for coq au vin?

Using French wines from the regions of Burgundy or Alsace is the optimal choice if you are adhering to tradition. Burgundy wines are typically full-bodied red wines, such as Pinot Noir. Alsace is the territory of France that is most renowned for its white wines, such as Rieslings.

What is the customary accompaniment to coq au vin?

Coq au vin is most effectively served with a loaf of steaming, crusty French bread. Nevertheless, it may be accompanied by any other starchy staple, such as pureed or roasted potatoes, brown rice, couscous, egg noodles, or pasta. The decision is ultimately dependent on personal preference or the availability of ingredients in one’s larder.

What distinguishes coq au vin?

Initially, it combines straightforward ingredients with a straightforward culinary method to produce a dish that is both visually appealing and palatable, as its name implies. Secondly, it is one of the earliest dishes that combines chicken and wine, and it serves as a precursor to numerous exceptional modern renditions. Finally, it is delectable!

National Coq Au Vin Day: Activities

Conduct a DIY project and record the results.

Have you ever viewed the 2009 film “Julie & Julia,” which features Amy Adams and Meryl Streep? Try the renowned coq au vin recipe from Julia Child’s cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and share it on social media, similar to the character of Julie Powell. Who knows where that may lead, as it did for Julie Powell, who is now a published author.

Indulge in a French dining experience.

When it comes to pampering oneself (or a loved one), there is no need to be reminded twice. Whether it is a special occasion or a date night, elevate the experience by embarking on a culinary journey to ancient France.

Take a French culinary course in French.

Attend a French cookery class to enhance your French skills and extend your learning beyond the confines of your classroom or language application. Immersing oneself in the language, culture, and ambiance of France has never been easier or more delicious, without the need to spend a fortune on travel.

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It is a tribute to the combination of butter and egg yolks that are blended, and its name is derived from the French word for “Dutch-style.”


Brown roux, mirepoix, and tomato puree are frequently incorporated into this luscious brown sauce.


This sauce, which is traditionally referred to as “white sauce,” is composed of a roux that is prepared with flour and butter, and milk is incorporated.


This silken sauce is derived from the French word for “velvet” and is composed of a classic roux and non-roasted bone stock.


A brown sauce that is prepared using either beef or poultry stock and has a flavor that is strikingly similar to Espagnole.

National Coq Au Vin Day: Importance

It is a dish that is suitable for all.

Coq au vin can be made vegan or otherwise, despite its name. Therefore, try different things. The most stubborn people who say they can’t cook will love coq au vin, a tasty, flexible one-pot dish.

It is a holiday dedicated to cuisine.

We are particularly fond of food festivals, as they catalyze social interaction and foster camaraderie. Therefore, whether you prepare coq au vin from scratch and invite guests over or take them out for a fine dining experience, it is certain to be a bonding experience.

It is a cultural experience.

In certain respects, the world is brought to our table through the consumption of food from various regions and cultures. Therefore, why not travel through food? This may also serve as the justification you were seeking to conduct a French wine-tasting session.

National Coq Au Vin Day: Dates

2024May 29Wednesday
2025May 29Thursday
2026May 29Friday
2027May 29Saturday
2028May 29Monday

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