National Gourmet Coffee Day 2024 (US): Activities, History, FAQs, and Dates

National Gourmet Coffee Day 2024 (US): National Gourmet Coffee Day is annually observed on January 18. Although coffee in general is the stuff of fantasies, gourmet coffee is truly remarkable. The secret to gourmet coffee’s superior quality and consistency compared to your average cup of Joe is in its beans and preparation.

National Gourmet Coffee Day 2024 (US): History

The precise origin of coffee is not precisely identifiable. Although myth and speculation obscure the origins of coffee, one thing is certain: it has been around for a very long time. It is hypothesized that the initial observers of the invigorating properties of the coffee plant were the progenitors of the Oromo people residing in the Jimma region of Ethiopia. However, definitive evidence regarding the cultivation of coffee before the 15th century is lacking, as is information regarding its original location.


Yemeni Sufi monasteries have historical records indicating coffee consumption or knowledge of the coffee tree as early as the 16th century. This knowledge subsequently spread to Mecca and Medina. It had spread throughout the Middle East, southern India (Karnataka), Persia, Turkey, and northern Africa by the 16th century. The cultivation of coffee subsequently spread to Italy, the Balkans, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Since then, coffee’s capacity to provide instant energy has proliferated across the globe and into people’s souls. Over time, a simple cup of coffee has been modified to accommodate a variety of tastes and functions. Coffee is currently available in an array of varieties, including frappuccinos, cold infusions, espresso shots, and even espresso martinis. It can be ordered anywhere and in any way desired.


In this manner, gourmet coffee originated. Gourmet coffee is brewed with Arabica seeds only. These beans flourish in a cooler subtropical climate at an elevated altitude and produce brews that are remarkably aromatic, robust, and flavorful, surpassing the capabilities of conventional beans. It is a must-try for coffee aficionados because its production, flavor, and intensity surpass those of standard coffee. We applaud National Gourmet Coffee Day’s recognition of this stimulant celebrity.

National Gourmet Coffee Day 2024 (US): FAQs

Gourmet coffee is a specific variety.


In general, gourmet coffee is crafted exclusively from Arabica coffee seeds.


Define specialty coffee.


Specialty coffee is defined as a variety that attains a score of 80 or higher on a scale of one hundred points rating coffee.


What is the optimal ratio of coffee to water?


The ‘Golden Ratio’ states that one to two tablespoons of ground coffee should be added to every six ounces of water.

National Gourmet Coffee Day 2024 (US): Activities

Consume premium coffee


This is an obvious one. Indulge in an exquisite cup of gourmet coffee at a nearby coffee store or an aesthetically pleasing cafe.


Prepare fine coffee


On this National Gourmet Coffee Day, indulge yourself. This week, purchase 100% Arabica beans rather than your usual coffee when you go grocery shopping.


Investigate the use of exotic coffee


Nowadays, coffee finds application in a wide array of applications beyond beverages, including cakes and iced desserts. Explore your culinary prowess by endeavoring to devise a novel dish using premium coffee.


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