National Greeting Card Day 2024 (US): 5 Ways to Celebrate Love!

We eagerly anticipate sending a greeting card in honor of National Greeting Card Day, which takes place annually on April 1.

National Greeting Card Day 2024: We eagerly anticipate sending a greeting card in observance of National Greeting Card Day, which occurs annually on April 1. Greeting cards serve as a considerate and floral method of communicating one’s sincere regard for cherished ones.

National Greeting Card Day’s History

Greeting card exchange is a tradition that dates back centuries. It originated with the ancient Chinese, who would exchange New Year’s greetings. Ancient Egyptians wrote greetings on papyrus texts; later, handcrafted paper greeting cards circulated in Europe. German New Year’s cards were first produced on woodcuts. Europeans exchanged Valentine’s Day cards by the mid-15th century. The British Museum may have the oldest Valentine. Charles Duke of Orleans wrote the letter to his wife, Bonne of Armagnac, who was in the Tower of London.

By the 1950s, printing technology and shipping costs had made greeting cards a realistic, affordable form of communication. This was followed by London-born Christmas card fashions. With their help, famous illustrators and corporations like Marcus Ward & Co, Goodall, and Charles Bennett mass-produced greeting cards.

Since then, greeting cards have improved and become more accessible. They come in several genres, including electronic and musical. National Greeting Card Day commemorates the endearing miniature works of art that people have come to associate with conveying well-wishes to cherished individuals.

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FAQs for National Greeting Card Day

Who manufactures the most greeting cards?

American Greetings and Hallmark Cards are the two largest greeting card manufacturers in the globe.

Are greeting cards well-received?

Indeed, an estimated 6.5 billion greeting cards are purchased annually in the United States.

What does a greeting card cost?

The price range for a standard greeting card is between $2 and $4. There are electronic devices that can be obtained without cost.

Activities on National Greetings Card Day

Presented with a congratulatory card

Send one (or more) greeting cards to your loved ones on National Greeting Card Day. A greeting card is available for every occasion, from special days to simple well-wishes.

Create an observance card

Nothing compares to the authenticity of a handcrafted greeting card. Set aside some time, gather your artistic supplies or writing implements, depending on your level of creativity, and proceed to craft a charming greeting card for an individual.

Obtain a cheery card

Cards of salutation are exchanged frequently throughout our lifetimes. Explore your recollections by searching for an old card that you might have obtained from a former acquaintance.

Five Greeting Card Types You May Send

The standard

Greeting card, rectangular, folded, featuring a message imprinted on card stock.

A photograph

This consists of a photograph selected by the correspondent.

Musical in nature

When these cards are unsealed, they emit a specific sound or piece of music.

Regarding electronic

E-cards are typically email-delivered flashcards.

A pop-up

These cards feature a corresponding image or illustration that becomes visible upon unfolding.

National Greeting Card Day is Unique

We are reminded to share.

We are frequently preoccupied with the demands of daily life and may fail to express our emotions to our loved ones. It is a reminder to extend our sincerest well-wishes to others on this day.

It promotes appreciating the little things in life.

Greeting cards are intended for commonplace occurrences as well as momentous events. An individual’s day could be brightened by a moment spent exchanging a sentimental or humorous envelope.

It is so cute!

An entire day devoted to an activity that facilitates the exchange of affection and well-wishes? Certainly, sir.

National Greeting Card Day Dates

2024April 1Monday
2025April 1Tuesday
2026April 1Wednesday
2027April 1Thursday
2028April 1Saturday

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