National Sorry Day 2024 (Australia): Five Amazing Facts and Activities

National Sorry Day in Australia commemorates the maltreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents, who were forced to assimilate into European culture.

National Sorry Day 2024: National Sorry Day is observed annually on May 26 in Australia, to remind the colonist-descended population of the nation of the maltreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents. For what reason? Indigenous children were forcibly separated from their families to be “assimilated” into European Australian culture during the 20th century.

The “Stolen Generations” refers to them. Several Australian government administrations came and went before officially apologizing to the Indigenous Australians. However, we eventually made the apology formal, and we continue to make efforts to repair the damage caused by separating native families to this day.

National Sorry Day: History

First National Sorry Day was held in 1998, one year after the Australian Parliament received the first “Bringing Them Home” report from a government inquiry into 20th-century child stealing. That report recommended an unreserved apology and compensation funding from the national budget.

The formal apology was made in 2008 under Kevin Rudd. In 1999, former Prime Minister John Howard could only propose a “Motion of Reconciliation” expressing remorse and sympathy but not accountability. After a motion to rename the day “The National Day of Healing,” it was accepted in 2005.

Australians responded best to Prime Minister Rudd’s unreserved apology. His Parliament supported the “Closing the Gap” movement’s goals of indigenous health and equality for all generations. From 2009 to 2019, Oxfam Australia administered Closing the Gap. Now Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR) produces an annual report.

National Sorry Day honors Stolen Generations Survivors and asks how all Australians may help the nation and individuals recover. Australians nationwide mark this occasion, which is important to the Stolen Generations and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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National Sorry Day: FAQs

What do we do to commemorate National Sorry Day?

Sorry Day is celebrated with events like flag raising, teas, media statements, and speeches from community leaders, including Indigenous Australian elders.

What was the subject of Kevin Rudd’s apologetic speech?

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd presented an apology to Indigenous Australians on 13 February 2008, apologizing for the laws and policies that have caused significant grief and loss.

What was the reason for Australia’s expression of regret?

A national apology was issued for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, addressing the grief, suffering, and harm experienced by the Stolen Generations.

National Sorry Day: Activities

Discover the narratives of the Stolen Generations

The investigation details the traumatic experiences of children separated from their families and forced to adapt to a foreign lifestyle, including the educational, familial, and cultural norms of white Australians.

Comment on the accomplishments of Aboriginal people

Aboriginal individuals have made significant contributions to Australia in various fields, including art, music, law, medicine, and entertainment.

Consider the true definition of “reconciliation.”

To express regret without hesitation. Whether one is an individual or a member of a larger group, this can be a challenging endeavor. An apology can be a significant step toward the process of healing or at least the commencement of it. Reflecting on the concept of reconciliation in one’s life and implementing it can be a profound and humbling experience.

5 Amazing Facts About Indigenous Australian

Oldest and most audacious?

Evolutionarily, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are the oldest continuous civilizations on Earth, having left Africa over 70,000 years ago.

Not homogenous.

European settlers arrived in Australia in 1788 to find hundreds of Indigenous nations speaking 250 languages and 600 dialects.

I live the dream.

The complex network of Aboriginal spiritual beliefs about the creation of all of nature and the human obligation to sustain it in the past, present, and future is called “The Dreamtime”.

“It necessitates a community”

To avoid missing out on parenting, some Torres Strait Islanders use “customary” adoption procedures, when childless couples are given a boy or girl from another family.

English that has been acquired through borrowing

The majority of the over 400 words in Australian English are nouns, which are derived from Aboriginal languages. Koala, wombat, barramundi, kookaburra, boomerang, yakka, and bung are among the terms that are included.

National Sorry Day: Significance

It has the potential to transform a negative into a positive.

The initial measures have been taken to address the harm inflicted upon native peoples by white Australians. Reparations can continue to “Close the Gap” or repair the divide with concentrated effort, attention, financing, and reconciliation.

It emphasizes the suffering of other oppressed communities.

In the United States, there are also “gaps” that must be addressed, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the preservation of native American lands from rapacious land-use policies. Acknowledging our history in the same manner as the Australians, we can progress toward a period of redemption and reconciliation.

Centering the discussion on the development of discriminatory legislation

The National Apology to the Stolen Generations highlighted Indigenous families’ suffering under the present law. It demonstrated the old Thomas Jefferson quote, “A man is not only entitled to disobey an unjust law, he is compelled to do so.” Let us retain this sentiment in our souls.

National Sorry Day: Dates

2024May 26Sunday
2025May 26Monday
2026May 26Tuesday
2027May 26Wednesday
2028May 26Friday

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