Salvation Army Founder’s Day 2024 (US): Know about its History and FAQs

April 10 is The Salvation Army Founder's Day, celebrated globally by outposts. Established in 1865, it provides social work and emergency response services.

Salvation Army Founder’s Day 2024: April 10 is observed as The Salvation Army Founder’s Day at all Salvation Army outposts worldwide. The Salvation Army is a member of the Universal Christian Church and an international charitable organization. The Salvation Army provides a diverse range of services on a global scale, encompassing social work and emergency response. Its objective is to fulfill human necessities without any form of bias. Established in 1865 by William Booth, The Salvation Army has since expanded from London to numerous regions worldwide, with millions of members in 132 countries.

The History Of Salvation Army Founder’s Day

William Booth was born on April 10, 1829, in Nottingham, England. Due to poverty, Booth’s father apprenticed him to a pawnbroker aged 13. Booth became religious two years later. He read extensively, improved his writing and speaking, and wanted to be a Methodist pastor.

Booth was unemployed following his 1848 apprenticeship. The following year, he worked as a pawnbroker in London. Booth joined the Methodist Reform Church in 1851 and became a full-time minister at their headquarters after retiring from pawnbroking at age 23. Booth married Methodist Reform Church member Catherine Mumford in 1855. The East End of London’s Christian Revival Society, later the Christian Mission, was founded by Booth and Catherine in 1865. To teach people about Jesus Christ in a way that connected with them, they held meetings at their convenience and supplied their practical needs. They aimed to target the impoverished and marginalized individuals who were overlooked by conventional religious institutions.

The Christian Mission became The Salvation Army in 1878. A year later, Amos Shirley went to Philadelphia to work informally for The Salvation Army. Booth sent a small delegation to New York in 1880, including seven people and George Scott Railton, to create The Salvation Army. Australia joined The Salvation Army that year. Catherine Booth-Clibborn, the eldest daughter of Booth, presided over the Paris inauguration celebrations as la Maréchale. Rapid international expansion occurred into more nations. Booth combined evangelism with service to work with people culturally.

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FAQs for Salvation Army Founder’s Day

How did The Salvation Army operate during the Great Depression?

Food and shelter were provided by the Salvation Army to those in need throughout the Great Depression.

What inspired the nomenclature “The Salvation Army”?

Booth observed in a printer’s proof of the 1878 annual report the following statement: “The Christian Mission operates as a volunteer army.” Following that, he crossed out “volunteer army” and substituted “Salvation Army.”

Is religiousness a prerequisite for employment with The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army does not require individuals to be practicing Christians to obtain employment. They welcome and accommodate employees of various faiths and proclivities.

Salvation Army Founder’s Day 2024 (US): Activities

Assisted those in need

Whether or not one is a Salvation Army member, extending assistance to those in need is consistently a virtuous deed. On this day, do your best to assist those in need whom you encounter on the street or in any other location with the means at your disposal.

Perform volunteer work at a shelter

The majority of shelters are receptive to your assistance, and they frequently have members with whom you can volunteer. You might be interested in volunteering for a particular event.

Donate money or apparel

Always in need of clothing, shelters are particularly deficient in hygiene products and hosiery. Collect your gently used clothing and donate it to a shelter after purchasing sanitation products with a portion of your proceeds.

Five fascinating details concerning the Salvation Army

It originated in a cemetery.

Booth was granted permission to preach and a parcel of land on which to do so in 1865. Although it was located in a cemetery, he was not deterred.

They implemented quasi-military

The structure of the Salvation Army was quasi-military. Booth assumed the role of the organization’s inaugural “General,” while his ministers functioned as “officers” and the remaining members as “soldiers.”

It participated in the film sector.

The Limelight Department of the Salvation Army emerged as an early film production unit in Australia, contributing significantly to the nation’s film industry’s development and pioneering from 1892 to 1910.

They assist throughout the entire year.

It is possible to receive assistance from the Salvation Army on any given day of the year.

They offer a service for tracing families.

They have offered their “Family Tracing Service” since 1885, assisting in the reunion of family members who have lost contact.

The Significance of Salvation Army Founder’s Day

It contributes to a better planet.

The Salvation Army has amassed millions of members across the globe. They provide aid to individuals in over 130 countries without regard to their nationality.

Salvation Army provides an array of services.

In addition to family tracing services, they provide hospitals, clinics, and addiction rehabilitation programs, among other services, on an international scale. Moreover, they engage in collaborative efforts to reduce the prevalence of modern slavery and human trafficking on a global scale.

They value education greatly.

The Salvation Army operates over 2,000 schools, which provide education to over 500,000 students. A safe and secure environment is provided while social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual development are prioritized.

Salvation Army Founder’s Day Dates

2024April 10Wednesday
2025April 10Thursday
2026April 10Friday
2027April 10Saturday
2028April 10Monday

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