Spring Bank Holiday 2024: History, Activities, Facts, FAQs, and Dates

On May 27, 2024, the UK public holiday of Spring Bank Holiday, excluding schools, businesses, and public transportation, is observed.

Spring Bank Holiday 2024: Take the day off on May 27, the last Monday in May, for the Spring Bank Holiday. This day is a public holiday in the UK, yet most schools and businesses are closed. Even public transportation systems operate according to a holiday schedule.

Spring Bank Holiday: History

About thirty religious festivals were declared statutory holidays by the Bank of England two centuries ago. This was reduced to Christmas, All Saints Day, Good Friday, and May Day. The Bank Holidays Act, one of the first bank holiday laws, established official bank holidays. This preceded the Banking and Financial Dealings Act, another major holiday-related banking law. Bank holidays used to be a day off for everyone except bank employees, who worked on their accounts and bookkeeping.

The antecedents of the Spring Bank Holiday derive from religious festivities, as is the case with the majority of festivals. The Monday following Pentecost, a Christian festival, originated as Whitsun or Whit Monday in the United Kingdom. This day represents the conclusion of the Easter season and commemorates the descent of the Holy Ghost upon Jesus Christ’s disciples, a Christian holiday.

People initially held Whit Monday celebrations in June, coinciding with Easter. However, they renamed Spring Bank Holiday and subsequently relocated it to the end of May after a five-year trial period. Individuals originally observed this holiday to have additional time to complete domestic tasks following Pentecost. However, it has since evolved into an occasion for family celebrations and the enjoyment of the pleasant spring weather.

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Spring Bank Holiday: FAQs

What occasion is the Spring Bank Holiday commemorated for?

In late May, the UK celebrates the Spring Bank Holiday, giving everyone a day off work and school.

Which countries observe the Spring Bank Holiday?

England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland observe this holiday, however, dates and bank holidays differ.

Why do people refer to them as “bank holidays”?

National holidays are called “bank holidays” because banks stopped doing business.

Five Interesting Facts about Spring Bank Holiday Cheese Racing

  1. The villagers of Endon, Staffordshire, crown the Well Dressing Queen and decorate their well.
  2. The distribution of buns, biscuits, and sweets and the rolling of flaming brushwood bundles to symbolize a new year are fertility rites.
  3. The Hay Festival of Literature & Arts, which Bill Clinton called the “Woodstock of the mind,” was held during this holiday, from late May to early June.
  4. They moved Spring Bank Holiday in 2002 and 2012 to follow another bank holiday, providing people with a four-day weekend.
  5. Rolling down Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, for a giant round of cheese has caused injuries in recent years.

Spring Bank Holiday: Dates

2022June 27Monday
2023May 29Monday
2024May 27Monday
2025May 26Monday
2026May 25Monday

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