Independent Artist Day™ 2024 (US): Discover its Interesting Facts and History

Independent Artist Day™ 2024, an initiative by Minted, celebrates the contributions of independent artists to the art community. The platform showcases unique artwork from over 100 countries and 50 states, and invites participants to submit their work.

Independent Artist Day™ 2024 (US):  Commemorating the significant contributions of independent artists to the art community, April 3 is Independent Artist Day™, an initiative initiated by the online art marketplace Minted. In support of these artists’ endeavors, their work is exposed to millions of people around the globe. Today is an occasion for all individuals, including graphic designers, painters, novices, and connoisseurs of contemporary art, to honor artists and the significance of art in the realms of society, economy, and culture.

Minted is an online arts and design marketplace that features one-of-a-kind artwork by independent artists from more than 100 nations and all 50 states. It is a space where artists can express their creativity and where art enthusiasts can discover talent that is unavailable elsewhere. In honor of their fifteenth anniversary, Minted cordially invites you to partake in their inaugural Minted Independent Artist Day™. Additionally, submit your work for a chance to win one of the design challenges hosted by Minted. Minted manifests the imaginative vision of artists onto tangible merchandise.

Independent Artist Day™: History

Among the finest works of art are frequently those that have yet to be discovered or acknowledged. While numerous artists are fortunate enough to encounter favorable circumstances, others encounter difficulties in effectively presenting their work to the intended audience. There are also art enthusiasts who seek out works that complement their personal aesthetic. Minted caters to the individual requirements of both art enthusiasts and artists by integrating them onto their distinctive platform.

Mariam Naficy firmly believes that one can unearth extraordinary works of art in any location. This marks the beginning of the Minted brand narrative. Naficy encountered magnificent works of art at an early age, many of which she encountered on her travels. Additionally, she was of the opinion that the internet served as an extraordinary medium through which gifted individuals from all over the world could showcase their prowess and reach the appropriate audience. She established Minted in 2007; the company grew exponentially and subsequently became a global leader in the arts and design industry. Presently, artworks found on the platform adorn the foyers of over 75 million households.

One notable aspect of Minted is its ability to empower both artists and customers. By means of its Design Challenges and crowdsourcing technology, consumers and artists cast votes for featured designs. This process guarantees that the designs that emerge victorious on Minted reflect the most recent worldwide trends. Buyers obtain the most novel and exclusive designs, while independent artists gain access to their triumphs. An all-around win-win situation!

Fundamentally, Minted commits to art; more specifically, it supports, promotes, and uncovers creative expression. In observance of this art enthusiast’s fifteenth anniversary, Minted has designated April 3 as Independent Artist Day™.

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Independent Artist Day™: FAQs

Do mint cards perform well?

Premium photo cards created by Minted are exquisite, vibrant, and of superior quality; optional embellishments add a touch of individuality to the cards.

What is your income generated through Minted?

Royalties of up to 6 percent may be earned by artists on all future sales of their work.

Independent Artist Day™: Activities

Encourage an artist

Purchase the work of an aspiring artist to demonstrate your support. You may also promote the exhibition of artwork by artists on the Minted platform.

On Minted, you can vote for your preferred designs.

Extend your support by casting votes on Minted for your preferred artwork designs. The artwork of the winners will be incorporated into stationery, cards, and décor, so every vote counts.

Peruse the winning submissions

Celebrate Independent Artist Day™ by examining the design challenge winnings from Minted. A purchase might even be motivated by your inspiration.

Five justifications for endorsing independent artists

Platforms such as Minted showcase unique and exclusive artwork created by independent artists.

Your assistance will further the careers and successes of aspiring artists.

Due to social media sharing and word-of-mouth, a single purchase can generate a significantly larger audience.

Ensuring the continued existence of the art community as a whole requires support for artists who are comparatively modest in size.

The patronage of an artist actually manifests their imaginative conception.

Independent Artist Day™: Dates

2024April 3Wednesday
2025April 3Thursday
2026April 3Friday
2027April 3Saturday
2028April 3Monday

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