Support Teen Literature Day 2024 (US): Investigate its Fascinating History and Facts

Support Teen Literature Day 2024, observed during National Library Week, aims to re-engage adolescents in reading and combat the stigma associated with it, promoting a lifelong passion for reading.

Support Teen Literature Day 2024 (US): Observing Support Teen Literature Day occurs on the initial Thursday of National Library Week. The date of occurrence is April 18 this year. Since 2007, National Library Week has been observed annually throughout the United States. Subsequently, the initiative has concentrated heavily on re-engaging adolescents in reading and diverting them from mischief.

The likelihood of developing a lifelong passion and consistent reading routine is significantly diminished if one does not have a joy of reading by the age of 15. National Support Teen Literature Day is about more than just gaining access to books; it also combats the stigma that some young adults associate with reading, namely that it is not worth their time or effort.

Support Teen Literature Day: History

National Library Week was first observed in the United States in 1958, under the sponsorship of the American Book Publishers and the American Library Association. The objective was unambiguous: encourage individuals to revisit libraries and resume the practice of reading books. Libraries, being a national civic asset, provide an indispensable service to the average citizen. An entire industry and a generation of individuals with no interest in literature will be negatively affected if libraries, librarians, and the books they house lose prominence.

A privileged few in ancient societies had exclusive access to literacy and the capacity to read for centuries, if not millennia. The ability to read conferred affluence and power; it signified education. However, with the advent of the printing press and the advent of the Industrial Revolution, reading became accessible to all. Literacy rates have increased consistently on a global scale since the turn of the twentieth century, to the point where they no longer warrant concern.

However, in 1958, radios, televisions, and musical instruments made books and literacy less popular than in the previous decade. To ease concerns about the decline of books and libraries, the American people spent a week promoting and enjoying libraries. In 2007, global social media and smartphones put the US in the same dilemma as in 1958. National Support Teen Literature Day was added to the weekly festivities in 2007 to target teens and encourage good reading.

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Support Teen Literature Day: FAQs

What occurs when I neglect to read?

Indeed, nothing! Reading is about expanding one’s horizons, both in terms of vocabulary and imagination and achieving personal growth. Without the ability to comprehend, one will be less developed as an individual.

What makes reading so challenging?

Commencing a new endeavor can be challenging, as with everything else in life. However, your reading muscle will grow stronger with each passing day that you devote to finding books with which you connect.

Which book is most suitable for me?

Reading is a highly individualistic and inclination-driven activity; each book possesses its value, and you have an eternity to endeavor to devour them all.

Five facts regarding teen literature

  1. In 2021, the combined revenue of children’s and young adult book categories surpassed 18 billion dollars.
  2. Teens consider the “Harry Potter” series to be the finest book series to read due to the series’ relatively simple language.
  3. “Young Adult,” which is one of the most swiftly expanding book genres, is an age range and not a genre.
  4. Teenagers and young adults appear to be especially fond of dystopian literature.
  5. Annual book production in the United States ranges from 600,000 to 1,000,000, notwithstanding the intense competition that characterizes the writing industry.

Support Teen Literature Day: Dates

2022April 28Thursday
2023April 27Thursday
2024April 18Thursday
2025April 10Thursday
2026April 9Thursday

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