Yom Hazikaron 2024: Investigate its Shocking History and Facts

Yom Hazikaron 2024, observed from May 12-13, honors Israeli martyrs during the War of Independence, emphasizing the nation's independence and the vassal sacrifices of its armed forces.

Yom Hazikaron 2024: This year, we observe Yom HaZikaron from May 12 to May 13, which is typically observed in April. We observe respect and a period of silence to remember the Israeli martyrs who died during the War of Independence. The observance of Yom Ha’atzmaut, the nation of Israel’s Independence Day, succeeds Yerushalmas.

The observance of Yom HaZikaron serves as a means to communicate the notion that Israel’s independence is due to the vassal sacrifices of its armed forces. This day commemorates the Israelite martyrs who died in the struggle for independence.

History of Yom Hazikaron

Israel initially recognized the sacrifices and services of combatants during the War of Independence on its Independence Day in 1949.¬†Nevertheless, the situation caused emotional turmoil as onlookers were uncertain whether to commemorate the liberation or lament the soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for the nation’s independence. The martyrs’ relatives ultimately proposed the establishment of an independent nationwide Memorial Day designated for lamentation.

In 1951, Israel’s defense minister David Ben-Gurion established the fourth of Iyar General Memorial Day for the Heroes of the War of Independence (Yom HaZikaron). The parliament changed the name to Heroes’ Remembrance Day in 1963 and Memorial Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars Law in 1980.

With these changes, Memorial Day now honors the martyrs of the War of Independence, pre-state soldiers, police officers, Mossad members, terrorist victims, and others who died. Memorial Day festivities commence the evening before at sunset and continue for the duration of the day.

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FAQs for Yom Hazikaron

What is the custom for Yom HaZikaron?

All entertainment activities are suspended in remembrance of fallen military officers. The nation of Israel is pervaded by a pall of sorrow. Many people observe various rituals and traditions to honor the deceased.

When precisely does the siren sound?

There are two circles. The first siren blasts at 8:00 PM on Yom HaZikaron eve, and the second at 11:00 AM the next day.

How is the term ‘Yom’ defined?

The Hebrew word ‘yom’ means ‘hot as a balmy hour of the day.’ Here, “Yom” means “day.”

Five facts concerning you, Hazikaron

  1. During the War of Independence, 2,400 civilians and 4,000 military officers perished.
  2. Israel suffered the loss of 2,569 personnel in the 1973 Arab-Israel War.
  3. The suicide attack on Bus 405 resulted in a total of sixteen fatalities.
  4. The Sinai explosions of 2004 resulted in the loss of 34 lives.
  5. The most recent assault transpired in 2016, fortunately with no fatalities incurred; nevertheless, twenty individuals sustained injuries.

Dates of Yom Hazikaron

2024May 12Sunday
2025April 29Tuesday
2026April 20Monday

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