Erev Pesach (Israel) 2024: Explore its History, Activities and Facts

Erev Pesach, an Israeli national holiday, commemorates the Passover ritual, a biblical event inspired by Ancient Egypt's apotropaic rite to protect homes from malevolent forces.

Erev Pesach (Israel) 2024: This year, April 22 marks Erev Pesach, also known as “The Passover ritual,” an Israeli national holiday commemorating the feast of the Passover, a remembrance of a biblical Israel-based event. Many people believe that it originated from a ceremonial practice that came before Passover.  In that era, families would perform an apotropaic rite to protect their residence.

This involved applying the blood of a slaughtered ewe to the lintels and doorposts as a deterrent against malevolent forces. The biblical narrative describes how the Passover, which served as the inspiration for the festival, materialized in Ancient Egypt before the Exodus. At that time, God commanded the Israelites to apply lamb’s blood to their doorposts and lintels to prevent the subsequent slaughter of all firstborns.

Erev Pesach (Israel): History

The Book of Exodus says Egypt enslaved the Israelites for 400 years. Yahweh, the Israelites’ deity, appeared in a burning bush and told Moses to confront Pharaoh. Moses decided to demonstrate his might by imposing ten plagues on the Egyptians. Every firstborn in the territory was executed during the tenth plague. Exodus 11:4–6 says, “I will traverse all of Egypt around midnight.” Every firstborn son in Egypt—including the throne-bearing Pharaoh, the slave girls, and the cattle—will die. Egypt will hear loud sorrow that has never stopped.”

Yahweh told Moses to have the Israelites mark their doors with lamb’s blood as the final pestilence approached. All leavening must be removed before the 15th of Nisan to properly observe the feast, according to Biblical teachings. The clean lamb or goat should be sanctified on the tenth of Nisan for the “Korban Pesach” or “Paschal Lamb”. Send it out after sunset on the 14th of Nisan, in anticipation of consuming it on the 15th after roasting. You must eat each sacrifice component before sunrise on Nisan 15. Burn any leftovers from daybreak.

Egypt followed the scriptural commandments to kill the Paschal lamb in Hebrew homes and apply its blood on doorposts and lintels. After entering the wilderness and building a tabernacle, the Israelites changed those requirements. The Tabernacle door was where Passover lambs were sacrificed, rather than in Jewish homes. Someone erased the blood stains on the doorway.

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Erev Pesach (Israel): FAQs

Describe Erev Pesach.

Erev Pesach is a national holiday in Israel observed to commemorate the Passover, a significant historical event in the nation’s past.

When does Erev Pesach occur?

Jewish scholars typically use special calculations to determine the exact date of Erev Pesach. March and April have seen a concentration of its occurrence.

What is the duration of the Passover?

Passover can extend for a maximum of eight days and is filled with a variety of activities.

Erev Pesach (Israel): Activities

Carry out the Passover rituals.

Most Passover observances involve sharing a lamb or goat that has been slaughtered and roasted with family, friends, or neighbors. It is an occasion to feast and revel with loved ones.

Israel visitation for Passover

It is advisable to consider undertaking a voyage to Israel, if financial means permit, to witness Passover in its most authentic manifestation. Your awe will be filled with the splendor of nature that Israel has to offer.

Contribute to social media

Using the #ErevPesach hashtag, share images and other media of your Pesach celebrations with family and friends on social media. Engage other individuals in conversation.

Five Fascinating Facts about Passover

Commonly, “Four Questions” is played.

In contemporary Passover celebrations, families engage in a game known as “Four Questions,” wherein the responses elucidate the fundamental principles that underpin the observance of the holiday.

Pets are also welcome.

During the initial Passover, Israelites who owned pets incorporated them into the Passover supper before transporting them during the Exodus from Egypt.

A staple of Passover is wine.

Passover is a time when wine is customarily consumed, with four glasses of wine being poured and consumed at each meal.

The process of leavening

Culturally, Jews observe the observance of Passover without leavening their food, recalling the commandment issued during the initial Passover prohibiting the Israelites from consuming leavened items during their meals.

Initial White House Gossop

The inaugural Passover seder was hosted at the White House in 2009, during the presidency of Barack Obama.

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Erev Pesach (Israel): Importance

It constitutes cultural heritage.

For Jews, Passover is a significant cultural heritage. The aforementioned practice has been observed in Israel for millennia.

It represents Yahweh’s deliverance.

During the tenth plague, the Passover represents Yahweh’s deliverance and sparing of the firstborn offspring of the Israelites. This is a sacred observance.

It signifies the start of the Exodus.

The final rite preceding the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt was the Passover. Exodus represents deliverance from captivity.8

Erev Pesach (Israel): Dates

2022April 15Friday
2023April 5Wednesday
2024April 22Monday
2025April 12Saturday
2026April 1Wednesday

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