2Twenty2 Day 2024 (US): Know about the most popular Drinks and Activities

2Twenty2 Day 2024 in Chicago celebrates craft beverages, cocktails, and daily specials at the 2Twenty2 Tavern, offering premium beer and cuisine for $2.22 until supplies run out.

2Twenty2 Day 2024 (US): February 22 is observed as 2Twenty2 Day at the 2Twenty2 Tavern, an ancient state inn located in Chicago, Illinois. Is there anything more delectable than a Cosmo and tamales for $2.22? Undoubtedly not. On February 22, the 2Twenty2 Tavern will be filled with all of the above and more.

Having been in business for almost ten years, the tavern provides the people of Chicago with craft beverages, cocktails, bar bites, and daily specials. The proprietors of the tavern devoted an entire day on February 2, 2022, to providing patrons with premium beer and cuisine for a mere $2.22. Let us commence immediately, as the exhilarating offer is only valid until supplies run out!

2Twenty2 Day: History

February in Chicago is comparatively ordinary. The streets are devoid of life, spring has not yet arrived, and there are no celebratory public holidays. Stopping by your preferred bar with loved ones for a round of drinks is an excellent way to combat the gloomy and unproductive month.

Chicago is famous for its jazz, towering skyscrapers, and exceptional dining options in the United States. In addition, it boasts some of the country’s most exceptional establishments. In addition to being home to over a thousand thriving taverns, one of these establishments is 2Twenty2 Tavern. Founded on the values of family, kindness, and a positive atmosphere, this place has become a beloved choice for Chicago locals. The proprietors decided to create a special event on February 22, 2022, called “2Twenty2 Day.”

The day honors the bar and its original tenet of providing service to individuals. With “Beers Bourbons Bands” as its official motto, 2Twenty2 is a hip and revitalizing downtown Chicago bar that offers something for everyone to enjoy. Despite the vibrant nightlife of the city, the establishment perpetually emanates an energizing atmosphere as individuals retire to sleep within its confines.

Exceptional bottled ales, handcrafted cocktails, and six-year-old whisky are featured on the menu. The tavern especially welcomes patrons from all walks of life on February 22 to enjoy the finest tacos in town, live sports broadcasts, and a special drinks menu while playing shuffleboard and video games.

2Twenty2 Day 2024: FAQs

Which beverage is most prevalent in Chicago?

While numerous beverages enjoy popularity in Chicago, the Old Fashioned stands unparalleled in terms of notoriety.

What enjoyable activities are available in Chicago?

In addition to the city’s vibrant nightlife and imbibing culture, the Lakefront Trail, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and kayaking on the Chicago River are all enjoyable activities to partake in with loved ones.

For what is Chicago most renowned?

Chicago, the legislative capital of Illinois, has gained notoriety primarily for its picturesque skyline, traditional state inns and taverns (including Siena and Trivoli), and deep-dish pizza.

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2Twenty2 Day 2024: Activities

Experience nightclub hopping.

Indulge in the Friday night ambiance of a typical Chicagoan by exploring some of the city’s finest establishments. A brandy here and a cosmo there. Additionally, be sure to order some onion rings, as imbibing on an empty stomach can quickly become quite unpleasant.

Explore Chicago

Was the discourse surrounding the nightlife and bar scene in Chicago sufficient to induce a sense of ‘FOMO’ within you? We sincerely hope so. A vacation in Chicago, the Midwest’s treasure and one of the most travel and tourism-friendly communities in the United States, would be an excellent choice. Optimal travel conditions for the city occur from April to October.

Host a cocktail party

Spending the evening at home, inviting friends and family over, and preparing one’s preferred refreshments from the beginning is entirely acceptable. Mark and I intend for the evening of February 22 to be filled with intoxicant, affection, and mirth.

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The Five most popular drinks available for purchase at the 2TWENTY2 TAVERN:

Mezcal Old-Fashioned

This 2Twenty2 classic, which combines regular union Mezcal with citrus, sugar, black cherries, and bitters, is not to be missed.

Prunoid Cosmo

Raspberry Cosmo, which is composed of triple sec, cranberry, vodka, and lemon, ensures that nothing slides down the throat more effortlessly.

The Negroni

A Chicago-style negroni, a pure cocktail comprised of Malfy Limone gin, Carpano Antica, and Campari, is an unbeatable option.

Unclean Martini

The Dirty Martini, which 2Twenty2 prepares with Tito’s vodka, dry vermouth, and olive juice, is an absolute must.

The Iowa Mule

Featuring neat Templeton Rye and citrus, topped with ginger beer, it is the finest in the industry.

2Twenty2 Day: Dates

2024February 22Thursday
2025February 22Saturday
2026February 22Sunday
2027February 22Monday
2028February 22Tuesday

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