Constitution Memorial Day 2024 (Japan): Fascinating Facts about Golden Week

Japan commemorates Constitution Memorial Day on May 3 to honor the nation's post-war history, highlighting the sacrifices made by the nation in 1945.

Constitution Memorial Day 2024: Japan celebrates Constitution Memorial Day on May 3 to focus on living after war and violence have taken too much from humanity. No matter the conflict, societal rifts inflict too much loss. Japan is similarly situated. After provoking other nations, the nation suffered harsh reprisals.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan’s two greatest cities, were destroyed one morning, leaving many families destroyed, orphaned children, and presumed dead or missing family members. The two capitals received successive US atomic bombs. Most of the 226,000 killed were civilians. After devastating defeats, Japan succumbed in 1945 and adopted a new constitution that stressed civilians and peace.

Constitution Memorial Day: History

The Japanese Constitution Memorial Day falls on May 3. It is a national holiday and the second day of Golden Week in Japan. The 1945 approval of the New Constitution, which followed the surrender of Japanese Emperor Showa to the Allied Forces, particularly the US, made Memorial Day significant. The new constitution took two years to ratify. The new constitution replaced the Meiji Constitution on May 3, 1945.

Meiji stressed the military conquest of other states. It cared little for civilians. In contrast, the more recent constitution emphasizes citizen sovereignty, non-military international conflict resolution, and interests. The Japanese also preferred democracy because it allowed them to choose their leaders and the best values for them and future generations.

Constitution Memorial Day was originally slated for November 3, the new constitution’s ratification date. War crime courts for imperial commanders on November 3 prevented November 3 from being chosen despite strong lobbying. Thus, May 3, when the new constitution took effect, was chosen. As May 3 is a national holiday, many people visit the Constitution Building to photograph and learn about its history. Today, just the building and constitution documents are open to the public.

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Constitution Memorial Day: FAQs

Is May 1 observed as a national holiday in Japan?

Showa Day will occur on Thursday, April 29, 2021. Although April 30 and May 1 do not qualify as national holidays, a significant number of individuals will probably elect to forego their work schedules to avail themselves of an eight-day Golden Week vacation.

Which is the largest festival in Japan?

The katsu, or New Year, is the most significant celebration in Japan. Although January 1 is the only national holiday, many establishments remain closed until January 3.

Is Easter a holiday celebrated in Japan?

Although Japan does not observe any specific Easter customs or traditions, the holiday can still be enjoyed with loved ones and friends while hunting for chocolate eggs, rabbits, and lambs and sharing food and drink.

Constitution Memorial Day 2024: Activities

Explore the Constitutional Building of Japan

Many visitors spend the entire national holiday at the Constitution Building. One can photograph, study the original Constitution, or immerse oneself in history. Take advantage of this one public day to thoroughly enjoy the building and documents.

Familiarize yourself with WWII history.

Much changed between the beginning and end of World War II. Although several items were misplaced and others were recovered, the damage was typically irreparable. Children who were either abandoned or orphaned as a result of the conflict perished in abject depravity and other abhorrent atrocities. Consider those periods in the past to gain context for the present.

Vote against conflict and violence

The Constitutional System Memorial Day is a day of protest against conflict because it exposes the most abhorrent aspects of human nature. War advocates frequently lack an understanding of the immediate and prolonged consequences that violence can impose on the human race. Peace and prosperity are thus the sole routes to contentment and well-being.

Five Fascinating Facts about Golden Week

Day of Emperor Showa

April 29 has been observed as Emperor Showa Day since 2006 in remembrance of the emperor and his endeavors throughout World War II.

Day of the Constitution Memorial

Former prime minister Shigeru Yoshida had arranged for this day to be observed on November 3, but because Emperor Meiji’s birthday also falls on that day, the celebration was postponed.

Day of Grooviness

Originally designated for Emperor Showa’s birthday, this day was subsequently separated and renamed Greenery Day, which is presently observed on May 4. This change occurred due to the allocation of a distinct day for Emperor Showa.

National Observance

Commemorated exclusively in 2019, May 1 was designated a national holiday in observance of the ascension of Crown Prince Naruhito to the throne.

Day of Children’s

This holiday, observed on May 5, is the final day of Golden Week and is devoted to honoring the unique characteristics of children.

Constitution Memorial Day 2024: Importance

It is a harmonious celebration.

Peace is a fundamental requirement for existence. Things are thrown into disarray and/or are taken away, leading to the accumulation of negative influences in our lives. Only by coexisting harmoniously with our siblings can we attain an all-around joyful and tranquil existence.

It is a democratic celebration.

Presently, democracy stands as one of the most prosperous political systems on a global scale. Due to the authority that the general public bestows upon them, people have autonomy over their lives and can choose their course of action and destination.

It serves as a reminder of more dire circumstances.

By recalling historical events and periods of adversity, one can develop a greater capacity for gratitude toward the present. In addition, we can enhance our readiness to confront the challenges that lie ahead and the present.

Constitution Memorial Day: Dates

2024May 3Friday
2025May 3Saturday
2026May 3Sunday
2027May 3Monday
2028May 3Wednesday

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