International Child Helpline Day 2024: Know about its History and Facts

International Child Helpline Day honors global child helplines, ensuring timely assistance and policy modifications. Celebrations and events celebrate their accomplishments, raising public awareness.

International Child Helpline Day 2024: Annually, International Child Helpline Day occurs on May 17. The purpose of the holiday is to honor the efforts of child helplines worldwide. These employees ensure that children and adolescents in need are promptly assisted and listened to through their efforts. Requesting assistance, millions of children call the network of child helplines.

Based on an analysis of child helpline data from 181 countries, policy modifications are recommended to better the lives of children. Child helplines commemorate their endeavors and accomplishments through a variety of celebrations and activities. This contributes to increased public awareness.

International Child Helpline Day: History

Jeroo Billimoria established Child Helpline International as its progenitor. She contemplated the establishment of an international child helpline network. Each other would offer technical assistance via the helplines. In 2003, a meeting was conducted in Amsterdam. In attendance were representatives from 49 child helplines located around the world. The meeting in question marked the inception of Child Helpline International.

Child Helpline International derives its mission from the tenets outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Universal Child. The principle establishes the privacy and protection from harm rights of minors. Child Helpline International facilitates the exchange of information and the provision of mutual support through its network. It also offers support in the form of advocacy and lobbying efforts. They provide support in the establishment and growth of child helplines in nations lacking such facilities.

At this time, the location of Child Helpline International is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Executive Director of Child Helpline International is Patrick Krens. More than 173 individuals are members of the membership-based organization, which is present in 142 countries and territories.

More than twenty million children and adolescents in need of protection and care have contacted Child Helpline International members. It raises awareness so that students are always aware that they can seek support. Thus, sufficient information regarding what to do when a minor requires assistance can be made available to the public.

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International Child Helpline Day: FAQs

Do youngsters possess rights?

Children do indeed have rights. Child rights are a set of human rights that acknowledge and address the unique requirements for safeguarding and care of individuals who are below the age of 18.

How ought young people to develop?

Every child has a right to an upbringing that is characterized by peace, dignity, freedom, and equality, according to international agreements on child rights.

What are violations of juvenile rights?

Illicit practices that constitute violations of child rights include child labor, child marriage, and the enlistment of children in armed conflicts, among other oppressive methods.

International Child Helpline Day 2024: Activities

Assist a toddler

You can assist a minor in your vicinity. The gesture of assistance may be substantial or modest.

Contribute by way of donation

A contribution may be rendered to the organization. This will assist in financing the upkeep of children.

Commemorate the holiday

Commemorate the occasion with those in your vicinity. This exchange may occur offline or online.

Five Facts about Children in Need

Many adolescents require assistance.

Over one billion children have been subjected to maltreatment or violence.

Child labor is prevalent.

Approximately 152 million minors are reportedly employed in child labor.

Offspring enter matrimony

Approximately 41% of females under the age of 18 are married in the least developed countries.

Disabled infants require assistance.

An estimated 33 percent of children with disabilities have never attended school.

Disabled youngsters are injured.

Disabled children are reportedly four times more susceptible to physical or sexual violence.

International Child Helpline Day 2024: Significance

It enhances consciousness.

The holiday contributes to greater awareness. It informs the public about the extraordinary efforts being made to safeguard minors worldwide.

It safeguards minors.

Child Helpline International is an indispensable institution. It contributes to the protection of infants who have been exposed to violence.

It assists.

Not only does the organization offer protection,. Additionally, it offers assistance to children who require it.

International Child Helpline Day: Dates

2024May 17Friday
2025May 17Saturday
2026May 17Sunday
2027May 17Monday
2028May 17Wednesday

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