Friday Fish Fry Day 2024 (US): Unveiling the Spicy Secrets of Friday and FAQs

Friday Fish Fry Day, celebrated on February 16, is an annual observance in the Midwest where families and friends gather at various eateries to enjoy fried fish and drinks, supporting local fishing communities and dining establishments.

Friday Fish Fry Day 2024 (US):¬†Friday Fish Fry Day is an annual observance held on the initial Friday of Lent, with this year’s date falling on February 16. Although predominantly celebrated in the Midwest, people across the United States are free to participate in their own way.

On Friday Fish Fry Day, families and friends gather at various eateries, from fast food joints to pubs, to enjoy portions of fried fish along with a few rounds of drinks. It’s a great opportunity to support local fishing communities and dining establishments while socializing over delicious food.

The Origins Of Friday Fish Fry Day

Contrary to popular belief, Friday Fish Fry Day isn’t a purely American tradition. The practice of eating fish at the start of Lent dates back to 30 A.D., when Jesus Christ began fasting and consuming only fish, which had cold blood, before his crucifixion. This tradition, stemming from Christ’s sacrifice, became a significant part of Catholic observance and influenced global fishing economies.

In the 19th century, German Catholic settlers in Wisconsin adopted this tradition, encouraged by church regulations allowing fish consumption on Fridays year-round, not just during Lent. Wisconsinites embraced this, developing innovative ways to prepare fish, with fried fish becoming particularly popular due to its simplicity and taste.

Beer also played a role in establishing Friday fish dinners as a cultural norm in Wisconsin. The state’s breweries like Blatz, Miller, Pabst, and Schlitz flourished, and beer-battered fish fry became a favorite. This contributed to the growth of the state’s fishing industry in the 1920s.

Caleb Westphal, a native of Wisconsin and fish enthusiast, organized the first official Friday Fish Fry Day on February 19, 2021.

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Friday Fish Fry Day 2024 FAQs

What batter is used to fry fish?

The batter typically includes breadcrumbs, potatoes, and batter.

Is it possible to fry seafood with flour?

Indeed, frying seafood with flour can result in a delightful combination of crispy texture and juicy flavors.

What side dishes go well with fried fish?

Popular accompaniments include mashed potatoes, green peas, steamed broccoli, coleslaw, and hushpuppies.

Activities For Friday Fish Fry Day

Gather at restaurants and bars:

Join loved ones at pubs and restaurants to enjoy fried fish and regional beer, supporting local businesses and the fishing industry.

Try different fish recipes:

Experiment with various fried fish recipes at home, choosing from a range of batters and seasonings and pairing them with different side dishes.

Support charity:

Participate in Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin’s donation campaign by voting for your favorite fish online.

Five Fried Fish Facts You Might Not Know

Fried salmon isn’t very nutritious.

McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish originated in Ohio.

Cod is a popular choice for frying.

Americans consume a significant amount of fish annually.

Alaska is the leading producer of salmon in the U.S.

Four Reasons Why Friday Fish Fry Day Is Special

Enjoying delicious fish is reason enough to celebrate.

It’s easy to prepare and serve fried fish, making it ideal for a quick homemade meal.

honors local fishermen and supports the fishing industry.

stimulates the local economy and fosters community spirit.

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