Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania 2024: Celebrating History and Five Fascinating Lithuanian Facts

Lithuania commemorates Restoration of the State Day on February 16th, marking its two Independence Day commemorations. The country's historical significance emphasizes regaining sovereignty from foreign rule.

Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania 2024: On the 16th of February, Lithuania celebrates Restoration of the State Day, one of its two Independence Day commemorations. During this period, the country adorns itself with its national colors—yellow, green, and red.

Few nations have the privilege of marking two independence days. Lithuania’s historical significance, once the largest sovereign state in Europe during the 13th century and maintaining independence since then, underscores the importance of regaining sovereignty from foreign rule.

History of the Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania

Many people in Lithuania often confuse Restoration of the State Day with Independence Restoration Day. Both Independence Days are widely celebrated and observed as public holidays. However, the former marks the recovery of the nation’s sovereignty under German occupation, while the latter commemorates autonomy from the Soviet Union.

Lithuania existed as an independent European state from the early 13th century until the late 18th century. However, the Russian Empire took control until the First World War. From 1914 to 1917, Lithuania was under German occupation during World War I. On February 16, 1918, Lithuania bravely declared independence from German rule, rejecting both Russia and Germany.

This marked the initial independence, commemorated as Restoration of the State Day. Regrettably, the period of independence came to an end after just 22 years due to the Soviet occupation during World War II. The Soviet Union ruled the country until 1990. At that time, Lithuania, along with Estonia, organized demonstrations to demand independence. Their efforts were successful, and Lithuania achieved independence on March 11th, establishing another Independence Day.

FAQs for the Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania

In what country is March 11 observed?

March 11 is observed as Independence Restoration Day in Lithuania.

Why does Lithuania celebrate two independence days?

Lithuania achieved independence from different nations at different times.

How long has Lithuania been independent?

Lithuania was sovereign until the late 18th century, had 22 years of independence after World War I, and has been independent from the Soviet Union for 32 years.

How to Observe the Day of State Restoration in Lithuania

Plan enjoyable events.

Organize concerts, dance performances, and theater arts to highlight the nation’s history.

Embrace Lithuanian culture.

Wear traditional attire, perform folk music, and enjoy regional cuisine to honor the country’s heritage.

Raise the flag.

Display the Lithuanian flag and use its colors to express national pride.

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Five Interesting Lithuanian Facts

  •  Lithuanian is the oldest surviving Indo-European language in Europe.
  •  The River Vilnia is colored green each year for Saint Patrick’s Day.
  •  “The Scent of Lithuania” is a national fragrance.
  • Forests cover 40% of Lithuania.
  •  Lithuania was the last European nation to adopt Christianity.

The Significance of the Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania

  •  Marks the end of colonialism and the restoration of Lithuanian liberty.
  •  Offers a variety of exciting activities, including parades and concerts.
  •  Showcases Lithuania’s rich cultural heritage, influenced by Nordic and Christian customs, and its unique language.


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