Harry Jowsey Biography: Early Life, Net Worth, Career, Age, and Birthday

Harry Jowsey, born in Yeppoon, Australia, gained fame as a snobby Australian on Netflix's "Too Hot to Handle" and successfully navigated the reality TV courting scene.

Harry Jowsey Biography: Harry Jowsey was born in the Queensland municipality of Yeppoon, Australia, on May 24, 1997. He has quickly become an internet sensation by portraying the self-described snobby Australian on Netflix’s new series “Too Hot to Handle” and has successfully navigated the reality TV courting scene.

Jowsey is also a successful businessman who owns two brands: Naughty Possums, an apparel company, and Knsngtn, a sunglasses company. On his special day, the following is a comprehensive summary of all the information you require about him.

Early Life

Harry Jowsey was born in Queensland, Australia, on May 24, 1997. He dedicated a significant amount of time to the care of his preferred pet bull on a farm located in the small community of Yeppoon. He spent the majority of his life in New Zealand with his family, but he relocated to Los Angeles, California, to pursue his career.

Initially, Jowsey pursued a career as a model and collaborated with several prominent brands. Tommy Hilfiger employed him as an undergarment model, which is noteworthy. Jowsey participated in the Australian dating program “Heartbreak Island” in 2019. He and his then-partner, Georgia Bryers, won $100,000. On the day of the finale’s broadcast, they declared their separation.

He starred with Canadian model Francesca Farago in Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” season one in 2020. As the most “handsy” couple in the series, they lost roughly $20,000 in cash prizes. They received parts of the $75,000 and had an on-and-off relationship, including an engagement, until 2021, when they broke up.

He participated in the 32nd season of “Dancing With the Stars” in 2023, where he was partnered with Rylee Arnold. Rumors regarding their romantic relationship began to circulate, and although they declined to affirm or deny it, they acknowledged that they derive pleasure from their association.

Harry Jowsey Biography

Full Name: Harry Jowsey

Nickname: Heartbreak Harry

Birth date: May 24, 1997

Age: 26

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 6′ 5″

Relationship Status: Dating

Net Worth: $1 million


Harry Jowsey gained recognition in 2018 when he and Georgia Bryers emerged victorious in the inaugural season of Heartbreak Island, New Zealand’s reality dating program. He was referred to as Heartbreak Harry in the program. In 2020, he was featured in the Netflix reality dating series Too Hot to Handle, which further extended his fame. In the same year, he made an appearance in the music video and song “Follow Me” by Jamie Lynn Spears and Chantel Jeffries. He was recruited to participate in MTV’s reality television miniseries Match Me If You Can in 2021 and also served as a guest on The Simonetta Lein Show.

In addition to his TV appearances, he has over 3.8 million Instagram followers, @harryjowsey. The videos from his podcast Tap In with Harry Jowsey are on his nearly 130,000-subscriber YouTube channel. In the podcast, he is joined by his peers in a conversation about gossip, drama, and relationships. Just Harry Now, his second YouTube channel, has over 321K followers and was launched in 2020. He also modeled for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Harry Jowsey is an entrepreneur. He founded Naughty Possums apparel and Kensngtn ecologically friendly sunglasses.

In 2021, he formed a partnership with Disney star Milo Manheim and YouTube personality Mike Majlak to establish the dating application Lolly, which he compared to a fusion of Tinder and TikTok.

He is affiliated with the Unruly Agency, a creative marketing agency.

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Personal and Family Life

Harry Jowsey was born on May 24, 1997, in a small settlement in Queensland, Australia, and grew up on a farm. His boyhood was spent caring for his pet bull, Nigel, as he was an animal lover. He spent his summer vacation at his family’s residence in Golden Bay, New Zealand. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Francesca Webb, a Canadian Instagram model and his Too Hot to Handle co-star, was his previous engagement; however, they subsequently parted ways.

He is fond of traveling, and his preferred vacation destinations include Mexico and Spain.

Five Amazing Facts of Harry Jowsey

He employs crystals to facilitate manifestation.

He has organized pyramids to manifest abundance and clear negative energy in his life.

Disturbing behaviors

He caused a stir among the “Too Hot To Handle” audience by kissing his companion and attributing the incident to her.

His least favorite subject in school

He expressed his aversion to mathematics during his school years and stated that the introduction of letters in equations caused him to become perplexed.

An individual who violates the rules

During Harry’s final year at Nelson College in New Zealand, someone perpetrated a hoax that prevented him from attending his graduation dinner and reward presentation.

He has a deep affection for dogs.

He has a fondness for canines and possesses a number of them, including one named Helmet.

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