World Hunger Day 2024: FAQs, Dates, Activities, and History

World Hunger Day 2024 commemorates May 28 to raise awareness about over 820 million chronic starvation sufferers and encourage action to eradicate this issue.

World Hunger Day 2024: Every May 28, World starvation Day is commemorated to increase awareness of the over 820 million individuals who are currently experiencing chronic starvation and to motivate action to eradicate this issue. Is it possible to envision that a substantial proportion of the human population has endured starvation since the inception of the world?

Hunger happens when a person cannot afford or meet their dietary demands. Starvation, stunting, and death result. The starvation Project says starvation kills more Africans and South Americans than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

World Hunger Day: Origin

Hunger is a condition that has impacted humanity since the dawn of history, and the collective effort to combat it is no different. Simone Weil, a philosopher, posits that individuals have consistently collaborated to guarantee that the famished are nourished. In ancient Egypt, individuals assisted the hungry in order to validate their actions in the afterlife. Weil also asserts that human societies either shared their food to prevent starvation or chose to starve together prior to the introduction of markets.

Before the 19th century, religious and philanthropic groups led hunger relief efforts. Government famine assistance, notably in the global fight against hunger, increased in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The US government shipped millions of tons of food to Europe during and after WWI.

After World War II, the newly constituted UN took over food relief. After its founding, the UN created FAO, WFP, and IFAD to promote agricultural development and food security.

As worldwide media covered malnutrition in Ethiopia in the late 1970s, the IMF and World Bank focused on emerging countries. 20th-century views held that famine resulted from demand exceeding supply.

However, economist Amartya Sen’s research showed that starvation today is a distribution issue or the effect of government decisions in both wealthy and developing nations. Sen won the 1998 Nobel Prize for this research.

The Hunger Project created World Hunger Day in 2011. Day highlights the situation of the poor and encourages action to end global starvation.

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FAQs regarding World Hunger Day

Which nation is the most hungry?

According to the 2021 Global Starvation Index, Somalia is most affected by starvation. Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen also have high levels.

What is the reason for the observance of World Hunger Day?

World starvation Day is commemorated to increase awareness of global starvation and motivate action to eradicate hunger worldwide.

What is the cause of Africa’s hunger?

Poverty is the primary cause of starvation in Africa. Climate and weather, conflict, unstable markets, and subpar agricultural investments are the subsequent factors.

World Hunger Day 2024: Activities

Participate in a volunteer program at your neighborhood food bank

Sustenance banks are charitable organizations that feed people who cannot afford it. Volunteer at a food bank to organize food collections, manage social media, fundraise, and coordinate awareness campaigns. Find a local food bank online.

Donate to charity

If you cannot volunteer due to time or financial constraints, donate a token to a starvation non-profit weekly or monthly. Possibly a soup kitchen, food bank, or hunger project. Find an organization that suits you, get their account information, and donate.

Increase awareness

Social media is typically the preferred platform for increasing awareness of any topic. Utilize your social media platform to increase awareness of the hardships that famished individuals endure globally. Promote sustainable eating to reduce food waste by donating surplus food to food banks or soup kitchens and encouraging governments to fight starvation.

World Hunger Day: Dates

2024May 28Tuesday
2025May 28Wednesday
2026May 28Thursday
2027May 28Friday
2028May 28Sunday

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