International Hemp Day 2024: History, Fun Facts, and Dates

International Hemp Day commemorates hemp's significant contributions to well-being, including its use in footwear, clothing, cords, and paper production, and its nutritional value.

International Hemp Day 2024: We celebrate International Hemp Day every year on April 21 to honor the valuable contributions that hemp has made to our overall well-being. Hemp has been used in the production of footwear, clothing, cords, and paper since the fifth millennium B.C. Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is primarily grown for medicinal and industrial purposes.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical compound responsible for inducing the “high” in marijuana, is significantly absent in hemp. In the industrial sector, hemp is utilized to produce hempcrete, paper, footwear, and bioplastics. Its seed milk can function as a substitute for dairy milk, and its seeds are ingested as a nutritious food. Alongside bamboo, hemp is the plant with the quickest growth rate.

International Hemp Day: History

Hemp was used nine to fifty thousand years before agriculture. One of the first plants cultivated, hemp, was grown throughout the northern latitudes from Europe to East Asia during the Neolithic Period, according to experts. Neolithic China made shoes, clothes, harnesses, and paper from hemp. Herodotus, a classical Greek historian, recorded Scythians using cannabis seeds for euphoria and rituals during burials in the fifth century B.C. Herodotus says the Scythians would gather inside a tent, fling hemp seeds upon hot stones, and inhale the smoke.

Renaissance Europe grew hemp for its fibers. They were cables on Christopher Columbus’s ship. Europeans made garments from hemp, although mostly in rural areas. In the 16th century, the Spanish introduced hemp to Mexico, Peru, Columbia, and Chile. Chile’s harvest was the only success.

American hemp cultivars were grown by the 17th century. The 1937 US Marihuana Tax severely restricted cannabis, hemp, and marijuana production and consumption. During World War II, the US Department of Agriculture lifted hemp growing tariffs, allowing its extensive use in canvas, rope, and uniforms. Executive Order 12919 designated hemp a key national product for the US stockpile in 1994. In the 21st century, various countries, states, and territories legalized cannabis for recreational and medical use, including hemp and marijuana. They include Canada, South Africa, Uruguay, and Mexico.

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International Hemp Day: FAQs

Can hemp be utilized to produce plastic?

Hemp can indeed be processed into plastic. To accomplish this, cellulose is extracted from hemp plants. The cellulose is subsequently incorporated into hemp bioplastics.

Are marijuana and hemp the same plant?

Marijuana and hemp are both cannabis plants. Their differentiation lies in the concentration of THC. Hemp, classified as a cannabis plant, has a dried weight THC content of 0.3% or less. Cannabis plants containing greater than 0.3% THC by dried weight constitute marijuana.

What distinguishes hemp from cotton?

Hemp is superior to cotton because its fabric is more durable and absorbent. In contrast to cotton, hemp fabric retains its form and does not stretch.

International Hemp Day: Activities

Buy hemp-based goods

An approach to observing International Hemp Day is by acquiring hemp-based products. This will incentivize hemp producers and companies to sustain the production of their goods due to the established market demand. Purchase at the nearby organic supermarket of hemp hygiene products, apparel, or foods. Additionally, you can purchase these items from websites like

Bring attention to the benefits of hemp

If you can provide evidence of the health benefits of hemp, you may promote it on International Hemp Day. This may be accomplished via podcasts, Twitter Space forums, or Clubhouse. Additionally, you can host a radio talk program or contribute a column to your local newspaper on the subject.

Observe a Hemp Fest

Hemp supporters gather annually for global festivals honoring hemp products, raising funds for hemp-related campaigns and research, and promoting the use of hemp. Hemp Fests are available in your area for you to attend in observance of International Hemp Day. Later this year, Hemp Fests will be held in Atlanta, Minnesota, and Asheville for those residing in the United States.

International Hemp Day: Facts

It does not induce euphoria.

Hemp cannot induce intoxication because it only contains minute quantities of THC.

It is comparable to cattle and even more.

Hemp is equivalent in protein content to beef, and it also contains all essential nutrients that the body is incapable of producing.

The versatile hemp

According to the North American Hemp Council, more than 25,000 products can be manufactured with hemp.

Hempcrete is in existence.

When combined with water and limestone, hemp can be used to create hempcrete, a building material.

The hemp sector in China

China has the largest hemp industry in the world, producing an estimated $200 million worth of hemp.

International Hemp Day: Importance

Hemp provides numerous health benefits.

Hemp seeds contain nearly every nutrient that the human body requires, making them a type of superfood. Protein, calcium, potassium, fatty acids, dietary fiber, and iron are all included. Hemp oil is utilized in various cosmetic products on account of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Additionally, the oil hydrates the epidermis and protects against bacteria and photodamage.

It is a viable substitute for plastic.

Hemp is a viable material for the production of bioplastics. These plastics are non-hazardous to the environment and decompose completely. In contrast to synthetic polymers, which have negatively impacted biodiversity and contributed to climate change.

Hemp aids in the mitigation of carbon emissions.

Hemp has the potential to be utilized in the production of biodiesel and environmentally sustainable building materials. These have the potential to function as environmentally friendly substitutes for cement and petroleum oil, which are both significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

International Hemp Day: Dates

2024April 21Sunday
2025April 21Monday
2026April 21Tuesday
2027April 21Wednesday
2028April 21Friday

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