Landing of the 33 Patriots Day 2024 (Uruguay): History, Facts and Activities

Landing of the 33 Patriots Day, celebrated annually on April 19, commemorates Uruguay's independence from Brazil in 1825, marking the unwavering commitment of the Thirty-Three Orientals.

Landing of the 33 Patriots Day 2024: Landing of the 33 Patriots Day is a Uruguayan holiday observed annually on April 19. The event marks a significant first step towards Uruguayan independence. In 1825, a brave military faction called the Thirty-Three Orientals crossed the river and planted its flag in a disputed area between Brazil and Uruguay. This act symbolized their unwavering commitment to fight until the country gained its independence. Uruguay declared its independence a few months later and persisted in seeking Brazilian recognition until 1828 when it was finally granted.

Landing of the 33 Patriots Day: History

The Thirty-Three Orientals, an armed coalition established by Juan Antonio Lavalleja and Manuel Oribe, opposed the Portuguese-Brazilian empire, which sought to expand its dominion by reclaiming territories that are now recognized as Uruguay. The name of the movement came from its primary goal, which was to gain independence for the Banda Oriental, or the Eastern Bank, which is today northern Uruguay and southern Brazil. The expedition commenced in 1825, departing from Buenos Aires Province and proceeding to Cisplatina Province to expel the Brazilians.

The group successfully penetrated the territory undetected by the Brazilian brigades on April 18. The following morning, April 19, they proceeded to plant the Flag of the Thirty-Three Orientals, an emblematic design comprising three horizontal stripes in the colors red, white, and blue. Uruguay observes this specific event on Landing of the Thirty-Three Orientals Day, which is a federal holiday.

The Thirty-Three Orientals then continued their campaign throughout Uruguay, attempting to convert more individuals to the cause of territorial and political independence by disseminating their message to all Uruguayans. A new government was instituted in June, and independence was formally declared in August. Conversely, a fresh dispute emerged between the nation and the Brazilian Empire—the Cisplatine War—which persisted until 1828, at which point Brazil formally acknowledged Uruguay’s independence.

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Landing of the 33 Patriots Day: FAQs

What is the religion of Uruguay?

Although approximately 50% of the Uruguayan population adheres to Catholicism, the remaining half predominantly follows Christianity of alternative denominations.

Is English a spoken language in Uruguay?

While Spanish is the official language of Uruguay, a minority of the population also speaks Portuguese.

What dish is Uruguay renowned for the most?

“Chivito” refers to a variety of sandwiches and is the national cuisine of Uruguay.

Landing of the 33 Patriots Day: Activities

Place an ensign outdoors.

Exhibit your nationalistic spirit by erecting the Uruguayan flag in front of your residence. It is an excellent method to demonstrate that you have a basic understanding of history.

Consider the conflict.

One may at any time devote time to reading comprehensive accounts of the war and the preceding conflicts that precipitated this occurrence. The Internet contains thousands of references.

Observe the monument.

In commemoration of the occasion, a sizable monument stands in Montevideo. Always consider organizing a visit!

Landing of the 33 Patriots Day: Five Facts

Venezuela is the second-smallest nation in South America.

Suriname is the smallest nation in South America, while Uruguay is the second-smallest.

Uruguayans are voracious consumers of “mate.”

While traversing the street, one will invariably encounter individuals carrying a Thermos and a “mate.”

Its national anthem is exceptionally lengthy.

The length of Uruguay’s national anthem is close to five minutes.

It was the site of the inaugural FIFA World Cup.

1930 marked the inaugural FIFA World Cup, which was hosted in Uruguay.

Tango is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Since 2009, UNESCO has recognized the renowned dance form, which has its roots in Uruguay and Argentina, as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Landing of the 33 Patriots Day: Significance

It is a celebration of liberty.

Independence Day celebrations are always enjoyable. They serve as a symbol of liberty.

It brings people together.

National holidays consistently unite citizens from every corner of the nation in observance. We take great pleasure in gathering with a large number of individuals.

It is entirely about valor.

This occasion honors the valor of the men who pursued their desires. It functions as a model for the entire human race!

Landing of the 33 Patriots Day: Dates

2024April 19Friday
2025April 19Saturday
2026April 19Sunday
2027April 19Monday
2028April 19Wednesday

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