International Hug Your Cat Day 2024: FAQs, Dates, Activities, and History

International Hug Your Cat Day 2024, on May 30, is a day to show affection and hugs to domestic cats, a species distinct from feral felines in the Felidae family.

International Hug Your Cat Day 2024:¬†International Hug Your Cat Day, which takes place on May 30, is an occasion to show your cat the affection it deserves and shower it with hugs. You should already be doing this, but International Hug Your Cat Day is the only day that is specifically dedicated to this activity. The Felidae family includes the ‘domestic cat’, a species that is frequently distinguished from the feral members of the larger cat family.

Cats are classified as either domestic cats, farm cats, or feral cats, which are said to roam freely and avoid human contact. Humans greatly value and rely on domestic cats for their companionship and their capacity to eliminate rodents. Cats can hear sounds made by rodents and other small mammals that are either too faint or occur at high frequencies that are out of the human hearing range. If you are interested in providing your cat with a special reward, be sure to consult our lists of the most exceptional cat beds and litter boxes available.

International Hug Your Cat Day: History

Old Egyptians revered cats, and Bastet was often represented as a cat, sometimes battling like a lioness. According to Greek historian Herodotus, killing a cat was illegal. Each household mourned a natural cat death and shaved their eyebrows as if it were one of them.

Greek families embalmed and buried their deceased cats in Bubastis. Herodotus was surprised to find domestic cats in Egypt, having only seen feral cats. ancient Greeks and Romans, who thought weasels were best at rodent control, kept cats as pets. Two mid-fifth-century B.C. Magna Graecia coins provide the first clear evidence of Greek household cats.

The coins show Taras and Rhegion founders Phalanthus and Iokastis playing with their cats. Ancient Greeks called “cat” “ailouros,” a tail-dulating mammal. Cats are rarely mentioned in ancient Greek literature. Aristotle wrote in “History of Animals” that “female cats are naturally lecherous.”

The Greeks then united Artemis with Bastet, assigning her cat connotations to Artemis. As the deities escape to Egypt in animal shapes in Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” Diana is said to become a cat.

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FAQs Regarding International Hug Your Cat Day

What is International Hug Your Cat Day?

International Hug Your Cat Day is a holiday that is dedicated to the unconditional affection that pet cats deserve.

Is it true that cats have nine lives?

No, they do not. Similar to the majority of other animals, they have a single life. Nevertheless, the adage that cats have nine lives is a fascinating topic of discussion.

What is the average amount of sleep that cats receive?

Cats may spend as much as 16 hours each day in slumber. This constitutes approximately 70% of their existence.

International Hug Your Cat Day 2024: Activities

Participate in a volunteer program at a cat shelter

If you do not possess a cat, you may participate in International Hug Your Cat Day by volunteering at a cat shelter. If you have the space, consider adopting one of these homeless cats. They require a warm environment. Or two!

Organize an event featuring cats

Host the perfect soiree by inviting other cat owners, if you are a cat owner. Please remember to include the wool pellets and a small amount of warm milk.

Give your cat a warm embrace.

Give me a hug. “Your cat!” This is the essence of the holiday, so please begin to embrace it.

International Hug Your Cat Day

2024May 30Thursday
2025May 30Friday
2026May 30Saturday
2027May 30Sunday
2028May 30Tuesday

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