International Virtual Assistants Day 2024: Amazing History, Facts and FAQs

International Virtual Assistants Day, celebrated on May 17, honors the dedication and hard work of virtual assistants worldwide, aiming to raise professional awareness about their benefits.

International Virtual Assistants Day 2024: Every year, on the third Friday of May, people around the world come together to celebrate International Virtual Assistants Day. The date falls on May 17 this year. The purpose of this day is to express appreciation for everything virtual assistants do. Virtual assistants provide customers with managerial, organizational, and personal assistance services, often going unacknowledged in the workplace. These individuals work independently as contractors.

Virtual Assistants Day is observed to honor the commitment, perseverance, and laboriousness of virtual assistants across the globe. One of the objectives of the day is to increase professional awareness regarding the advantages associated with the utilization of a virtual assistant. On this day, the efforts and labor of virtual assistants are also acknowledged. Continue reading to discover more about the valuable industry of virtual assistance.

International Virtual Assistants Day: History

The emergence of virtual assistants in the 1940s marked the beginning of a protracted and intricate transformation. The virtual assistant sector, which is currently recognized, originated within the administrative services sector. After Sir Isaac Pitman invented the shorthand method, secretarial employment gained more appeal. At a time when women were not allowed to work in offices due to religious conservatism, Pitman founded the first secretarial services school that only accepted male students. The introduction of the typewriter facilitated the inclusion of women in secretarial positions.

Technology had advanced to the extent that it permitted economic transactions to take place thousands of kilometers apart by the turn of the 19th century. Thomas Lenard, a life coach, and Anastasia Stacy Brice introduced the phrase “virtual assistance” in 1996. Brice exemplified this new labor market by providing services to an international client from home. She supplied services via the internet under the moniker ‘virtual assistant,’ an appellation that came to symbolize a burgeoning and stimulating vocation.

A pioneer in the field of virtual assistants, Christine Durst, released “The Second Commute” in 1995. Durst urged professionals to use the Internet as a revolutionary means of working from home to pursue their passions and make a living.

Virtual assistants are honored on this day for their diligence and commitment to their field. The Alliance for Virtual Businesses typically sponsors the event, which takes place annually in conjunction with the Online Virtual Assistants Convention. Experts in the field of virtual business comprise the Alliance for Virtual Businesses, which is responsible for organizing the event. Its primary purpose is to educate business owners and administrators about the services provided by virtual assistants.

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International Virtual Assistants Day 2024: FAQs

Does the demand for virtual assistants exceed supply?

Because modern industries are expanding and shifting their focus from administrative support to assistance with the technology and systems that run their businesses, virtual assistant services are gaining in popularity.

How do virtual assistants benefit individuals?

They are proficient and seasoned professionals capable of assisting with a diverse array of responsibilities, including but not limited to scheduling appointments, responding to emails, overseeing social media profiles, engaging with clients, inputting data, and performing bookkeeping.

What is the anticipated weekly working quantity for a virtual assistant?

The number of hours worked could range from ten to seventy-five.

International Virtual Assistants Day 2024: Activities

Film an homage

Producing a video montage serves as a commendable alternative when one and colleagues are unable to convene in person to convey appreciation to a virtual assistant. You can integrate text, images, and even music into your design.

Digitally transmit a card

E-cards are one of the simplest methods to express appreciation to a virtual assistant. To commemorate the occasion, you can have members of your team compose customized messages and deliver them to the virtual assistant.

Obtain a gift coupon.

Consider sending your virtual assistant a gift card. Sending them a Starbucks gift card or reimbursing them for their coffee expenses are both acceptable approaches.

Five Fascinating Facts about Virtual Assistants

Reasonable cost

In terms of operational expenses, virtual assistants can help businesses save as much as 78% when compared to hiring a full-time employee.

Diversity in the location of work

Virtual associates originate from diverse geographical locations, thereby contributing an extensive array of expertise and viewpoints.

Proficient specialists

A considerable proportion of virtual assistants are aged 35 and above, and they contribute a broad range of knowledge and expertise.

A variety of virtual assistant categories

A multitude of virtual assistants are at one’s disposal, with each one being customized for a distinct industry.

Su adaptability

Engaging in the role of a virtual assistant provides the greatest degree of autonomy and adaptability; individuals who wish to conduct business remotely may do so, while others opt to utilize coworking spaces.

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International Virtual Assistants Day: Importance

It optimizes your productivity at work.

Delegating daily work to a virtual assistant frees up time for financial-impacting pursuits. Some tasks are necessary yet do not grow an organization. An efficient outsourcing approach can free up some of your time with a virtual assistant.

It provides for flexibility.

Businesses that are focused on expansion encounter the challenge of sustaining profitability while concurrently expanding their workforce. Organizations can outsource their administrative requirements to virtual assistants without committing to a long-term arrangement. In addition, companies often use contract work to reduce the financial strain that usually comes with hiring employees.

Highly skilled professionals are employed.

Virtual assistants provide access to the most qualified personnel. Because of the benefits it offers, many of the most qualified personal assistants have transitioned to virtual assistant positions; as a result, there is an abundance of qualified virtual assistants available for employment.

International Virtual Assistants Day: Dates

2022May 20Friday
2023May 19Friday
2024May 17Friday
2025May 16Friday
2026May 15Friday

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