Global Selfie Earth Day 2024 (US): History, Activities and FAQs

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, commemorates NASA's successful deployment of five Earth-gazing satellites, raising awareness about environmental harm and NASA's efforts to observe Earth's changes.

Global Selfie Earth Day 2024: People around the world celebrate Earth Day every year on April 22. It is a day to commemorate the successful deployment of five Earth-gazing satellites into outer space by NASA. Remember that on this day, when the world celebrates Earth Day in various ways, you must take a selfie with the celebrity of the day, which is our very own ‘Earth.’

Its purpose is to raise awareness about how we are harming the planet and why we must save it. However, its specific purpose is to recognize NASA’s efforts, as the agency launched five satellites in a single day to observe only changes on Earth.

Global Selfie Earth Day: History

Earth Day began in the 1970s, when the world was much healthier. NASA launched its first satellite in 1958 to explore space and relay Earth imagery. The observed and processed data was essential for studying climates and weather conditions at the time. NASA has launched many Earth-observing satellites since 1958.

Recently, photos have become increasingly popular, and everything is published on social media for fun or awareness. NASA is using stunning photos to promote its current awareness program. Selfies can express everything from deep sadness (compared to the world) to elation.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of global warming, deforestation, wildfires, and other natural hazards and how human activity causes them. Launching the five satellites was solely to examine Earth’s recurring issues and find trends. NASA created Global Selfie Earth Day to speed up and socialize this process. This day was about using each shot as a pixel for the Earth’s self-portrait.

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Global Selfie Earth Day: FAQs

Where do I send the selfie?

You may use the appropriate hashtags to tag NASA and other authorities who work on this platform when you share it on social media. They will obtain your image and may even incorporate it into their project.

What contribution can I make to Earth Day?

Simply bear in mind to conduct yourself in a manner that is ecologically sustainable and refrain from causing damage to our lovely planet.

Why is an Earth Day necessary?

To raise public consciousness regarding the critical nature of protecting and stewarding the earth, various initiatives are implemented, including Earth Day.

Global Selfie Earth Day: Activities

Obtain a selfie.

Are you not already aware of the tasks that must be completed today? Simply take a selfie while ensuring that a significant portion of the earth is obscured in the background.

Proclaim the word

Once you have taken a selfie, invite others to take a selfie as well. Spread the word and use it to collect a bundle of selfies. Bring your creativity to work and make a collage of all the selfies to make one big selfie.

Speak about the problems on social media

Social media is indeed a powerful tool when it comes to sharing news and awareness material. Just use the same tool to create awareness of environmental issues in your area and help save Earth.

Earth Day 2024: Discover its History, Facts and FAQs

Five Facts about Global Selfie Earth Day

A global selfie

The pictures are received from every corner of the globe; hence, the final picture is a true global selfie.

Five satellites were launched

In 2014, when the campaign started, NASA launched five satellites simultaneously after decades to inspect the conditions of the earth.

Earth Day goes global

In 1990, Earth Day gained worldwide attention as it was celebrated in 193 countries for the first time.

Every selfie counts

Trust us when you read this: every single selfie received by NASA for the global selfie is used for the big picture.

More than just a selfie contest

Every selfie showcases the magnificence of the earth or the underlying issues of the area, so it does make a difference.

Global Selfie Earth Day: Importance

Fun with some responsibility

It is a fun exercise where individuals get to use their creativity responsibly. The joy is in thinking of how to take a selfie that best explains your contribution to Earth Day.

It creates awareness

Greater awareness of how one’s actions affect the natural environment will result in greater caution. Any effort toward conserving the natural environment is a step in the correct direction.

We adore selfies

We adore taking selfies. Whether we are at home, in the office, at the gym, or anywhere, we love taking selfies. Throughout the process, we can identify areas where environmental degradation is occurring and devise optimal remedial measures.

Global Selfie Earth Day: Dates

2024April 22Monday
2025April 22Tuesday
2026April 22Wednesday
2027April 22Thursday
2028April 22Saturday

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