Tiradentes’ Day 2024: Discover its Heroic Past, and Facts

Tiradentes' Day 2024 in Brazil commemorates the execution of Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, a national hero, on April 21, 1792, for conspiring against Portuguese colonial rule.

Tiradentes’ Day 2024: Brazil annually observes Tiradentes’ Day on April 21. The occasion honors the April 21, 1792, execution of Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, also referred to as Tiradentes, the national hero of Brazil. He was one of the seven offspring of Domingos da Silva Santos and Antonia da Encarnacão Xavier. He was born on November 12, 1746.

Following his parents’ passing, he commenced an apprenticeship with a dentist. As a result, he acquired the moniker “Tiradentes,” which translates to “tooth puller.” He became a member of a revolutionary movement as an adult, which aimed to establish an independent Brazilian Republic. The Portuguese colonial administration executed him for conspiring against them on April 21, 1792.

Tiradentes’ Day: History

On November 12, 1746, in Brazil, on the Fazendo do Pombal near Santa Rita do Rio Abaixo, Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier was born. Born into the union of Domingos da Silva Santos and Antonia da Encarnacão Xavier, he ranked fourth among seven children. Indebtedness caused the loss of the family’s property following the demise of his parents. After failing to complete a formal education, he commenced an apprenticeship under Sebastião Ferreira Leitão, his uncle and godfather, who was a dentist. In addition to being a peddler for a livelihood, he eventually joined forces with a pharmacy partner. He acquired the moniker “Tiradentes,” which translates to “tooth puller.”They subsequently ascribed the nickname to him in a derogatory manner.

In his capacity as a public service terrain surveyor, he observed the extensive transit of gold and other valuable resources to urban centers. Consequently, he cultivated a profound discontentment regarding the Portuguese colonial administration’s exploitation of the Brazilian people and the oppressive social class structure. The Portuguese took additional measures, including imposing hefty taxes on all mining operations and establishing an annual quota for gold extraction. If a mining community failed to meet its quota, it was subject to a more severe gold tax, commonly referred to as a ‘derrama.’ Upon allying with individuals who shared his views, he enrolled in the Inconfidência Mineira, a revolutionary organization. The triumphant American Revolution of 1776 influenced the vision of establishing an autonomous Brazilian republic.

The Portuguese colonial administration intended to implement an additional drama on that very day, in 1789. It was intended to proclaim a Brazilian republic. One of the initiators of the plot revealed the scheme, resulting in the incarceration of the conspirators, including Tiradentes. Tiradentes and ten other defendants received the death penalty after an almost three-year trial. The hanging ended his life on April 21, 1792. They distributed the dismembered remains of his corpse to locations where he had disseminated his ideas. After ratifying the Brazilian Republic in 1889, they elevated the date commemorating Tiradentes’ demise to the status of a national holiday.

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Tiradentes’ Day: FAQs

When did Tiradentes betray?

An individual named Joaquim Silvério dos Reis compromised Tiradentes.

Does the Brazilian language include English?

No, English does not hold a prominent position as a spoken language in Brazil.

When was Brazil’s independence achieved?

The date of Brazil’s independence was September 18, 1822.

Five Facts about Tiradentes

  1. Before his parents’ passing, Tiradentes’ family operated as laborers and owned a sizable plantation.
  2. As a dentist, Tiradentes adorned his mandible with self-fabricated prosthetic teeth.
  3. Occasional medical practice resulted from Tiradentes’ expertise in medicinal flora.
  4. Following his promotion to terrain surveyor, he was commissioned as an officer in the Minas Gerais Dragoon Regiment.
  5. A municipality in the state of Minas Gerais was christened ‘Tiradentes’ in honor of him.

Tiradentes’ Day: Dates

2024April 21Sunday
2025April 21Monday
2026April 21Tuesday
2027April 21Wednesday
2028April 21Friday

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