Leave the World Behind Shooting Locations: Authentic Shoot Locations with Hidden Messages

Leave the World Behind, a 2023 Netflix sci-fi psychological thriller, primarily features the Sandford family's retreat, despite multiple locations used for the film's production.

Leave the World Behind Shooting Locations: The novel Leave the World Behind is predominantly situated in a single location—the weekend retreat of the Sandford family, which serves as their refuge in anticipation of the approaching catastrophe. The actors and crew used a variety of locations to accurately portray the events described in Rumaan Alam’s 2020 novel of the same name, which served as the inspiration for the 2023 Netflix sci-fi psychological thriller. Nonetheless, they restricted production to a single jurisdiction.

Kevin Bacon portrays Danny Sandford, Mahershala Ali portrays G.H. Scott, Myha’la represents Ruth Scott, Farrah Mackenzie represents Rose Sandford, Charlie Evans represents Archie Sandford, and Julia Roberts portrays Amanda Sandford. To adapt Alam’s novel for the big screen, the actors and crew of the 2023 thriller filmed in a handful of locations between April and May 2022.

The Sandford family leases a residence for a weekend getaway in both the film and the book. The vacationers’ plans crumble when the Scotts, the property owners, unexpectedly arrive at their door after escaping a citywide power failure.

Leave the World Behind Shooting Locations:

  • Old Westbury, New York

The Open Corner House, which John Winberry designed, is the physical location of the 5,000-square-foot contemporary farmhouse. Its construction allows it to absorb sunlight throughout the day.

Manager of the location, Mara Alcaly, informed Curbed, “The home is not cozy, but you do not anticipate any misfortunes upon entering… The photograph provided an incredible depiction of our endeavors.

  • Katonah, Bedford, New York

Further filming for Leave the World Behind took place in Katonah and Bedford.

Most likely filmed here are exterior images depicting the infamous Tesla pile-up, the local grocery store, and the empty roads that Clay (Ethan Hawke) wanders.

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  • FDR State Park, Yorktown Heights, New York

The forest surrounding the Leave the World Behind residence, filmed entirely in FDR State Park, hosts numerous events.

Situated around 40 miles from New York City, Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park encompasses 960 acres. In 1922, the park replaced the former Mohansic State Hospital, requiring the cast and crew of Leave the World Behind to travel north for filming.

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Hidden Messages in Leave the World Behind:

Several references to The NBC Sitcom Friends can be found in Leave the World Behind.

Leave the World Behind references Friends in Rose’s apocalyptic bunker, symbolizing escapism, nostalgia, and media as she discovers DVDs and the show’s final episode.

The film foreshadows a future disaster creatively.

Clay and Amanda Sandford play Jenga in Leave the World Behind, foreshadowing social disintegration. A tower collapses during a national emergency declaration, symbolizing peril.

An episode of The West Wing is alluded to in the film to explicate Ruth’s motivations.

Rose Sandford, in a media-obsessed society, shares a real-life catastrophe with her mother, Amanda, emphasizing the importance of media in shaping our understanding of the world.

The clothes in Leave the World Behind provide insight into the characters.

Leave the World Behind explores characters’ attire, with Clay Sandford wearing a 1990s riot grrrl feminist punk T-shirt, Archie wearing an Obey T-shirt, and Ruth Sandford wearing a NASA shirt.

The deer in Leave the World Behind represents bad omens.

The movie explores the negative connotations of deer, a recurring motif in mythology and culture, as societal issues worsen and more deer appear.

Paintings shift to symbolize the characters’ worsening situation.

Leave the World Behind highlights the chaotic nature of the characters’ experiences through the Scott household’s paintings, contrasting calm with increasing waves and chaos.

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